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Done??? August 14, 2010

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Philip and I jointly stare at the new hole in the back wall of Sapphire’s House of Truth in Noru. We know this is the symbolic opening Karoz used to escape the house and make his own way in the world.

Here is the path he took. It leads to a new house (same as his “grandparent’s” house) and a new life beyond rebellious, forceful teen.

128 meter draw distance reduced to 96 meter draw distance, which is the setting Karoz preferred so that he could be further physically and mentally removed from the place he once lived.

More details of the walk that now connects two formerly disconnected parts of Chilbo. I’m pretty excited about it, anyway. 🙂

Newly moved Tired Falls as seen from a lower window of the now revised/enlarged Blue Feather Gallery. Tired Falls use to be above the big tire pictured here; now it is below, and in a much more logical place to be cascading. The bottom equates now with the lowest part of my gallery properties.

A photo of a book about an initial exploration of Jeogeot, on sale for a very reasonable 50 lindens at Grignano Books on the old continent. I was really pleased I found a very logical place to finally display this fine work I’ve had in my inventory for well over 2 years now(!)

Shot of the large, celtic cross and grave mound on my new Noru property from beside Widow’s Knob (formerly Grassy Knob or Grassy Knoll).

Baker Bloch stares into the distance and ponders who or what could be buried in that grave site.

He then visits the nearby Old NoRoom cemetery. There are now 2 obvious graves apart from the many in this cemetery on the grounds. Is the larger of the 2, pictured above, the grave of Peter The Good, and who apparently use to live in the nw corner of what is now known as Noru? Baker realizes this is likely so. More to think about, if he hasn’t enough on his plate already. He is a complex man underneath the surface cartoonishness and buffoonery.

Looks like he’s fallen asleep again while thinking too deeply. 🙂