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Blue Feather Gallery, 08/11/10 August 12, 2010

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“Hi. I think I might like the new gallery better than any I’ve created in SL so far, guys. It’s complex enough to hold my interest, much like the Biggie or Big E Gallery in Aotearoa, which it is comparable to in certain ways — especially size. But, the question again: is it *functional*? The Big E didn’t win on that; this one might. Differences: no shared module structures except for the Big E itself, which is used in a very different way in the new gallery, although the E is basically the same, at least from the outside. That’s the core of the whole gallery in a way. What the Big E didn’t have are the tubes that really act as a highlight for the new gallery, the ones I used last in this way — you’d have to go all the way back to 2008 Rubi, although I do incorporate a 70 or so meter variety in the ESG with the “Down The Rabbit Hole” side exhibit. The tube is the Rabbit Hole itself. Well, in the new gallery, must be, geez, well over *300* meters worth of the tubing, and all in one big run. That’s a big success, I feel, in the new structure — the way the tubing weaves through the gallery itself and returns from end to beginning on Widow’s Knob. And that’s the place the gallery was actually “grounded”. That’s another difference from Aotearoa’s Big E, which always remained a skybox. I think this particular structure had a good chance of remaining a skybox, as I designed it yesterday. But a certain line of synchronicities enabled me to see that it’s *true* location should be in my Noru Woods, with the beginning and end of the tube, as I said, on Widow’s Knob, the highest grounds in these woods. But in order for this to work, I had to create the new, *lowest* grounds as well to fit the very bottom of the gallery, which would also be the lowest cubes of the Big E itself. So I had to raise up Widow’s Knob as far as I could go (plus 4 meters from norm), and create the hole at the southern border of the property (minus 4 meters from norm). It still doesn’t *quite* fit, but it’s as close as I could get, an inaccuracy that most likely has its own storyline to tell.”

“Let’s see if anyone wants to talk.”

Hucka D.:

Good work, baker b. This is another nodal point in Your Second Lyfe. You have drunk deep the spirit of Norum. Now you must draw in others. Chilbo will calm down; something is going on[ that you don’t understand]. Don’t take everything so personally. You have passed some sort of initiation test. You must study the Big E. You have found home.


Thanks for that, Hucka D. Should I pull out of Rubi?

Hucka D.:

Another red-blue question, ones I’m not good at[ apparently].


Good enough. (pause) I wonder what the tubing really means?

Hucka D.:

Uroboros. Another Red Squirt 7 [contract]. Weaves through the whole structure. Artery system. Nervous system. Digestive. In and out. While in, though, it all appears as a dream. Juts from another dimension; the whole gallery not understood in the least. Same thing to a certain degree with Big E within, another microcosm[ if you will]. Same with the Tower of TILE. These are really 4 different structures welded as one. None belong together.

bb (clarifying):

With the main structure being the 5 stacked and rotated Weston skyboxes, the same module that’s been used for all the Blue Feather Galleries, including this one.

Hucka D.:

Yes, that seems to be a constant, come to think of it.


But this is really built around the Big E. And the tubing comes in last.

Hucka D.:

Weston modules move bottom to top in a spiral, with top directly above bottom. Isn’t that right?


Probably is. Same with the tubing. Same, really, with the Big E. All return to a beginning point. And the same with the tower.

Hucka D.:

Microcosms. 4 in all. Yet each interacting with the other. Amazing that you could weave that tubing through all that clutter cluster.


“Where is the 4th?” you’re always asking.

Hucka D.:

The 4th is the trickiest, yes. Because the other three are already present and have filled the space they need. What is left for the 4th? Not much. It has to create a line; it has to create a successful microcosm, as fulfilling as the other 3 that came before. And so it has. Uroboros.


3 Responses to “Blue Feather Gallery, 08/11/10”

  1. Flora Nordenskiold Says:

    Love your new gallery!

  2. baker b. Says:

    Thanks Flora! Glad you came to visit. I hope to have a soft opening the end of Aug/beg of Sep. RL is getting busier now, though. 😦

  3. baker b. Says:

    Actually the new exhibit re Jeogeot is open as of tonight. I can tinker w/ it as I go.

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