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review, thoughts August 10, 2010

Filed under: Sapphire,Sunklands — baker Blinker @ 8:16 am

“Sunklands is in bad shape, Sapphire[ whomever]. I don’t think a return will be quite possible now. Lill Burn Valley, perhaps the most perfect of the sinks, is razed. Otaki Gorge now as well. Big Sink is not as scenic as last winter, it doesn’t appear. That’s 3 of the 6 sinks… and Aotearoa doesn’t really count because it would be just, well just me. That leaves Second Sink and Blackmount Sink.

And I’m having problems starting up Carrcass-? Don’t know if I’ll be able to create that anytime soon. I *could* work on my map project.




Hi Sapphire. Looks like I might be staying in Noru after all. Sunklands is so damaged.


Yes. You came at a good time[ for it].


I must plumb the depths of Ancient Norum. Keep Rubi, keep Noru stuff. Blue Feather. I know what the next exhibit will be.


You are not a part of Sunklands any longer, although it may be part of you. You are Jeogeotine.


I’m gonna make a list. I want to go back to both Nowtown and Zen City, and also nearby Sternberg. I want to attempt to trace more of the journeys of Little Robert Plant Variant. I know Carrcass-? is coming, but it may take a long time.


Collages, baker b. You must make more collages.




And TILE. Study the “E”. Korean Channel.


Sunklands is kaput.


Maybe not for all time. But, like I said…


I came at a good time.


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