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Roamings… August 2, 2010

Ol’ Biking Baker revisits what he originally thought was the highest point of Jeogeot in Yalu, near the eastern edge of Sunklands. Now he knows the highest point, the so called Mt. Jeogeot, is most likely in Noul a number of sims further east.

The big “Freakies tree” is still there, but the colorful grove of smaller trees that may have represented vegetative forms of the Freakies themselves, is gone. Is this actually where Bossmoss, perhaps the brother of Gene Fade The Mossman, lived? Or — maybe — is Bossmoss another *avatar* of the real Gene Fade of Frank Park, as Hucka D. has claimed about both Karoz Blogger and Bracket Jupiter. What odd thoughts I sometimes have!

Baker Bloch in The Measure sim again. I’m writing this a number of days after visiting — I believe at the time Baker Bloch and family were contemplating a move back to Yd Island…

Yes, here’s another snapshot from Yd Island of a nicely textured stream that quickly empties into the sea surrounding the island after forming.

Back on Jeogeot, and not far north of Noru in Chieut — actually the sim directly north of Noru — Baker, while biking around the extended neighborhood one night, finds this very dense, very regimented grove of trees located in a shallow gorge, a mixture of winter pines and fall oaks. Might be a part of some obstacle course, but Baker can’t quite figure it all out that night, and I haven’t been back since. I’ll put it on my ta do list.

We’re now back on the Nautilus continent, but far north of Yd Island at the southwest extremity of that landmass, on the northern border itself. The castle towering above Biking Baker here is the one that Hucka D. claims is actually Ruuster’s castle. I’ll attempt to say more on that soon, because it represents yet another confusing subject that I don’t have time to clarify right now.

Again on Jeogeot, this is a cave next to what we’ve identified as Mt. Jeogeot in Noul. Baker thought it worthy of a snapshot at the time.

At the lower end of Jeogeot’s Korean Channel in very green, rolling hills of southern Xilted. Baker’s just hopping around tonight, apparently, revisiting old hangouts.

Interesting window view of Xilted from a bordering rental unit.

New-ish viewing park in Lordshore just west of Xilted, created sometime after my initial visits to the Korean Channel in spring/summer 2009. And now there’s a huge bridge spanning part of the lower piece of this channel, probably 400-500 meters long or so. Another report I’ve added to my ta do list.

Old structures in Noru, since deleted. The Blue Feather Gallery now sits on the ground instead of the Edwardston Station Gallery (right), with the Big E (left) now “inside” that gallery. Things change so quickly in SL!


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