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Enter Tile Here July 31, 2010

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“Yd Island is… ”

Hucka D. (proffering):



You have not yet returned.


Well Sapphire, I’m staying in Noru.


No. You will leave.


I have stability. I’m going to focus on the 10×10. Polishing up the [related] writing documents like Floydada and Floydadada. Maybe focus on map research. I don’t think I’m going to be exploring as much in SL. Yd Island is not Azure Island No. 1, nor a substitute. Baker Blinker can tell you that.

Hucka D. (looking at Sapphire):

Looks like that’s it[ then].


But this is not to say I don’t want to understand *your* story more. And Yd Island is important through you.


We are going to go away.

bb (nonplussed):

Carrcass-? is coming up, Sapphire. At one time you said you would help with that.


I said I am the guiding spirit.


Do you not want me to stay in Noru?

[they don’t answer]


Well, let’s return to Peter, then.

Hucka D.:

Avatar is important, baker b., even though it is not the best of movies. You saw other carrcasses through it. You must help to edit it to make it a true artistic triumph. As it stands…


Too long, I know. Gotta have the big ending. Ending is like LOST, actually. And beginning of LOST. Jack is an avatar?

Hucka D.:

Avatar will play a role. We are going to have to open some doors that you may not want opened, baker b.


I see Peewee B. in this. I see Uppel. in this. How’s that?

Hucka D.:



I see The Matrix. And I just saw LOST in it.

Hucka D.:

Pandora and The Island are one there. Pandora’s Box is opened on Jack’s Island. The Hatch. I land in your head.


And, queerly, the 1st Tree of the Mmmmmm’s Hucka D. (!) Home Tree… 1st Tree.

Hucka D.:

You go into your own lab — Lemon Labs — and start anew.


Hold on…



Oh yes, of course, John Locke was in a wheelchair before The Island, and likewise Jake Sully is the same before Pandora and the adaptation into his avatar form [delete phrase]. So another LOST link. (pause) And like John, Jake can be fixed in real life as well, but at a huge price — become the Pandora’s Benedict Arnold.

Hucka D.:

Destruction of Home Tree may be likened to destruction of The Island? Or purposeful forgetting.


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