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Gostay July 29, 2010

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“If you go, you’ll never know the full story, baker Beach.”


Thank you for that, Sapphire. I think mainland might be making me sick! And I have nowhere to flee now… no Otherland really, no Azure Islands really.


You must get a smaller venue.


I think so. Yd Island was pretty nice. Where I got the module for the Blue Feather Gallery after all. Microhole there, Rabbit head.


Yes. *I’m* from there.


So maybe I’ll do that… go back to Yd Island. In part.



I’m checking, Sapphire, and it looks like about the only piece of land I can afford on that island happens to be the 1024 I use to rent, beside the Villenueve Forest.

Sapphire (dreamily):

Go back. Explore.


Maybe somewhere else, then. I’ve kind of done the whole 9 yards thing on Yd Island, he he.




[delete 6 exchanges]


So I think that’s what I’m going to do, Hucka D. Return.

Hucka D. (measured):

I land in your head.


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