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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 06 July 28, 2010

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Baker Bloch in England 28*

The King and Bakers talk of many things, including the fact that all Wiltshire white horses are one white horse.

Baker Bloch in England 29*

In Temple Farm, Baker Blinker knew she had finally found a home to replace Azure Islands of Second Life.

Baker Bloch in England 30

Blue Skies Mr.: a figure Baker Bloch and The King saw at Temple Farm.

Baker Bloch in England 31

The King and Queen went to Swindon & things changed: while digging at the dump the King found a tile w/ him digging at the dump.

Baker Bloch in England 32*

Upon their return, the King sealed himself up in the Temple Farm basement to plan for 2010 crop circles. Don’t believe it?

Baker Bloch in England 33

THIS convinced ME. 🙂


* the 2 pictures comprising Baker Bloch in England 28, Baker Bloch in England 29, and Baker Bloch in England 32 were animated with each other on 1 prim in the exhibit. Open the 2 pictures of each in separate windows and toggle back and forth between them to get the effect.

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