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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010 July 28, 2010

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Exhibit at the Blue Feather Gallery, Noru: June and July 2010.

A mirror set can be found on my Pietmond flickr site.

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 01

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Baker Bloch in England 01

… crossing a bridge over the River Key…

Baker Bloch in England 02

… practice-rezzing a chair in the Battlelake Woods…

Baker Bloch in England 03

…. dreaming w/ his bird Birdie in a grassy field…

Baker Bloch in England 04

… petting cows…

Baker Bloch in England 05

… testing the depth of a pond on Coxhill Farm…

Baker Bloch in England 06

… feeling for rain at same… Does Baker Bloch really think he and his extended family can live here?? YES!!!

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 02

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Baker Bloch in England 07

Soon he bikes to the heart of crop circle country 20 kilometers away:

Baker Bloch in England 08

The Barge at Honeystreet. “Are those UFOs up there?”

Baker Bloch in England 09

What Baker hallucinated atop the Alton Barnes white horse while there led him to relocate his virtual family to…

Baker Bloch in England 10

… the Crescent House in Cherhill also near a Wiltshire white horse. A series of additional hallucinations follow…

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 03

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Baker Bloch in England 11

Crescent House? Yes, Crescent House. “AHHHHH!!”

Baker Bloch in England 12

“WAIT… I’ve been DUPED!!”

Baker Bloch in England 13

Soon fellow pransters Hucka Doobie and Baker Blinker were staring out the window at the great view. No more decrepid farmhouse…

Baker Bloch in England 14

… at least until the owner came back. “HONEY??”

Baker Bloch in England 15

“Sure Fire Picker Upper, 01”

Baker Bloch in England 16

“Sure Fire Picker Upper, 02”

Baker Bloch in England 17

“3 From 4th, Man”

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 04

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Baker Bloch in England 18

“Bluebells Ascension”: Baker visits the West Woods near Cherhill to find the King and Queen the family now seek…

Baker Bloch in England 19

… only to be magically transported back to Second Life and the Bluebells sim of new continent Nascera.

Baker Bloch in England 20

He finds the Queen in Bluebells, *Second* Life, not First.

Baker Bloch in England 21*

After this realization, he is able to return to West Woods but w/ no bluebells. He must go tell the family what just happened!

Baker Bloch in England 22

GoogleEarth map showing spacial relationships between places mentioned so far in this exhibit, 1st looking north to south…

Baker Bloch in England 23

… then south to north. Places Baker family lived: red; Wiltshire white horses: yellow; other notable place: blue.


* the 2 pictures comprising Baker Bloch in England 21 were animated with each other on 1 prim in the exhibit. Open the 2 pictures in separate windows and toggle back and forth between them to get the effect.

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 05

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Baker Bloch in England 24

On his way back to the family in Crescent House from West Woods, Baker sees The King in a cornfield but thinks it is haze.

Baker Bloch in England 25

The King gives him a vision of where the family should actually live: somewhere behind the Hackpen Hill white horse.

Baker Bloch in England 26

“Head’n Home”: Baker Blinker and Hucka Doobie, now a small boy, find the hidden valley guided by an LOL spacecraft.

Baker Bloch in England 27*

The King and Queen greet the family at their Temple Farm home near Rockley. “WELCOME!!”

* the 2 pictures comprising Baker Bloch in England 27 were animated with each other on 1 prim in the exhibit. Open the 2 pictures in separate windows and toggle back and forth between them to get the effect.

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“Baker Bloch in England,” Spring 2010; Part 06

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Baker Bloch in England 28*

The King and Bakers talk of many things, including the fact that all Wiltshire white horses are one white horse.

Baker Bloch in England 29*

In Temple Farm, Baker Blinker knew she had finally found a home to replace Azure Islands of Second Life.

Baker Bloch in England 30

Blue Skies Mr.: a figure Baker Bloch and The King saw at Temple Farm.

Baker Bloch in England 31

The King and Queen went to Swindon & things changed: while digging at the dump the King found a tile w/ him digging at the dump.

Baker Bloch in England 32*

Upon their return, the King sealed himself up in the Temple Farm basement to plan for 2010 crop circles. Don’t believe it?

Baker Bloch in England 33

THIS convinced ME. 🙂


* the 2 pictures comprising Baker Bloch in England 28, Baker Bloch in England 29, and Baker Bloch in England 32 were animated with each other on 1 prim in the exhibit. Open the 2 pictures of each in separate windows and toggle back and forth between them to get the effect.

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What is the Blue Feather?

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Loose thoughts today…

Can’t quite get rid of the Blue Feather Gallery, but public interface has ceased for now, and maybe forever. Only real SL friend I interact w/ in any large way is involved with her own problems; can’t help w/ mine. Alone in virtual reality. Big deal. Not a part of Chilbo, but Norum, the part that I *am* involved with, is just me again. Can you count spirit friends? (like Hucka D.)

RL, I’m very happy. SL, it’s always going to be frustrating. Gallery 7/10, although it’s something I felt I *had* to create at this moment, is impractical for any public exhibit… too difficult for exhibitors to set up their artwork, unless I get a perfect 1:1 match between artist and gallery space. Most likely not going to happen. What of “blue feathering” *other* galleries? Art, in SL, is more about user’s interaction with landscape through prim structuring (etc.) for me, and not as much about self contained art.* Would I be that interested in the 10×10 if I ran across it by accident in gallery tours? Not sure… not sure I would understand what it was about. What *is* it about? I think that’s a study Hucka D. wants to tackle next, just guessing what he’s planning.

I’ve burned bridges, all for the sake of progress. Have I progressed? I think I have, and the trick is reaching outward while not sacrificing personal flow. Do people realize they are also part of this flow? Almost always the answer is no, I think, although they could. Take this Hucka Doobie map prim creation from a couple of months back… the numinous nature of the moment wasn’t realized, it seems, by the recipient of his gift. Instead the goal seems to be, and this keeps being reinforced, the garnishing of *outward* awards and lists, these being, of course, the most commonplace and publicly acceptable and easily digestible.

But what of Jung’s own idea of a Second Life in his theories?

Another SL friend, who basically speaking I don’t see any longer in virtual reality, has talked at length with me in the past about this idea of personal “flow” in pre-SL forums and emails, places I cannot return to now. I’m in Second Life. What lies beyond? What of this illusion that SL is a social media? When I pass someone I know on a street in Chilbo, I can’t merely just wave and say hello. I have to *stop* physically, which means I probably have to talk. Not that I’m opposed to talking to someone in these meetings, I’m just pointing out a social difference. I can’t hug anyone when I meet them. We simply position ourselves a certain distance apart, and type to speak, if we choose. I can’t imagine that sex is very fulfilling in SL.

But back to Jung’s Second Life. Let me dig up a quote to react to. Let’s try this…

In flying saucers, then, we have an archetype that Jung says, by virtue of its shape, is analogous to the mandala,(41) and by implication, the self.(42) Belief in, or dreams of the saucers, like any archetypal formation, represents a double-edged desire for individuation(43) in combination with a fear for personal destruction: Alien inhabitants of the saucer could be benevolent, benign or malicious. Likewise, the journey to mandalic totality (to use Jung’s selective interpretation) has potential danger in that immense and equally tumultuous psychic forces may be unleashed from the collective unconscious, which if not successfully integrated by consciousness, could lead to psychic ruin–recall the absorbing, also referred to as the ‘devouring’ mother archetype as the negative instance of the self.

It seems like a balance between general and personal must always be kept. The only time of absorption would come early in life, when a life goal is being selected. Once on a path, the danger of being overwhelmed by the collective unconscious would abate. A higher destiny is reached. The path represents balance of *middle*. The beginning of the path and the end of the path are *known*, but must remain largely unconscious while traveling. This is life itself. But what of the middle of this middle, and entering the realm of a Second half of Life? Is this also “Second Life”? Or can they approximate the same?

This is a point where “known” begins to outweigh “unknown”, where a peak has been found and understood. This is the end of First Life and the beginning of Second Life (in ways). Perhaps cubes are there that are actually circles or spheres, or squared circles or cubed spheres. What does this mean? It means a public life, one devoted to others through service to self, has peaked and squares united with circles and used up. Energy has gone elsewhere. The self returns to the service of self more and more. Introspection outweighs extraversion. Ties are cut. Ties are made.

What of the illusion that Second Life holds maybe even something like 25 percent of the importance of Real Life? Or 33.333 percent? This *is* illusion, most likely. Isn’t it? How many avatars really have successful relationships of any length with other avatars in a “sexual” manner, whatever the heck sexuality means in SL? Haven’t got a clue myself; to me these are just Ken and Barbie type dolls used for friendship and, more commonly, personal needs, such as exploring the landscape to see the *real* art of this virtual reality. Sounds like I champion the prevalent ideas of my blog (exploring) over visiting galleries for the most part. Yet I have a SL gallery, several of them. Do numbers count? Why the need for sev. galleries? Why does Earl Dinkin (see footnote) have the need for 8 separate art galleries in different mainland locations? Is it just for quantity?

Here we finally return, after a long and most likely torturous journey for the reader here, to the idea of the Blue Feather Gallery and the Edwardston Station Gallery.


Hucka D., aka Hucka Doobie, is interjecting to me here that he had a sexual encounter in SL, pictured in this 2008 post. Thus the whole Hurla Dontbee infatuation starting. I’m surprised I could ever convince him to leave Stephen and Otherland, and the proximity to this “ride”.


Hucka D. is also indicating to me that the Edwardston Station Gallery *is* my peak, and that by moving beyond it I move more into the true flow of Second Life itself. The ESG and the 10×10 are more end-products of First Life, or the First Life existing before the supplementation by Second Life. The ESG hides within it, also, the secrets of [delete name] and the carrcasses that also represent burnt up squared circles (or cubed spheres), used *tiles*. 2004-2009. The peak. Now Second Life begins to take true hold of me, or, oppositely, begins to let go. Ahhhh!


Everything in Rubi? Everything that counts. I can count to 10×10, then. Think hard before abandonment. Nothing left to do in Norum, I mean Noru. There’s things left. Don’t abandon quite yet. End of July coming up Hucka. Yes, I know.


* one of the most interesting blends of the two I’ve found in exploring Second Life are some of the galleries of Earl Dinkin. I think especially of Everything For the Complete Space Traveler, positioned on the bottom of a Jeogeot, Linden water lake.