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Parktown, 02 July 24, 2010

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And what a sewer system! Baker is greeted by none other than Mr. Bean upon entering the array of tunnels, standing knee deep in the green, flowing sewage and with his pants rolled up to his thighs. Clever!

Nearby graffiti. More funny stuff. Good to see that the sewer makers have a keen sense of humor… always a handy quality when working with, you know, sewage and shut.

Quite a vast honeycomb of rooms lie off the south side of the first sewer tunnel Baker explores.

OMG… a ghost!

Quickly exiting the haunted catacombs and into the somewhat more lighted sewer tunnels, Baker soon runs across an armadillo. Armadillo? Must be a zoo runaway, he rationalizes.

And we’re already over 100 meters from Mr. Bean and the beginning of our subterranean journey beneath Parktown.

Side tunnel; more knee deep sewage.

Baker Bloch runs past a corpse. Faster, Baker, faster!

More graffiti. “Glurp was here?” Maybe a Parktown kid having a bit of fun. But what of the corpse?… not so funny. But in checking behind Baker Bloch today, Baker Blinker makes the discovery that it may not be a corpse but just a passed out drunk who has wet himself, bottle still in hand. Still gross, true, but not as much now. Drunk pisser… not so scary, then. Ha ha.

Egads. The Great Cornholio! And then while he’s staring at Beavis, a bat lights upon his back. Ick!

Baker thanking his lucky stars that he made it out of the sewer system and back into the light of day.

Want to see for yourself? Start here, then.


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  1. […] A manhole is in the middle of the turnaround in front of the south-facing statue. Baker knows from a previous trip that a sewer of some extent lies within, although he hasn’t explored it at any length until tonight. Down we go! […]

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