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Wanderings… July 23, 2010

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Another interesting object from Crow’s Foot, found just outside the indie music club The Crow’s Foot itself.

Then this night, it was on to Parktown, which is really piquing my interest more and more. Picture from a non-denominational church below. And I found a blog about the town (!), with an article about this very church here.

Front page of the blog here:

I will check regularly now I know of its existence!*

Now I don’t go out of my way to try and track down really, really large SL structures. The biggest one I’ve personally created, sans any megaprims, is the Big E Gallery, a 90 meter high affair. But this is *really* big, apparently a duplicate of the Empire State Building dimensionally, which means it’s well over *300* meters high. The catch? Only a couple of the stories are actually filled out, those being — Karoz is checking behind Baker Bloch again here — the ground floor (lobby), the 2nd floor (big band dance floor), then, jumping up, the 33rd floor (a ball field), and then jumping way up, the 128th floor, which is an observation deck. Pictured below is Baker Bloch on this very deck, with the landscape just visible way, way below. Oh, and it’s called, playfully enough, the Umpire State Building. Very cute. 🙂

But I’m sure there are much higher structures than even this in SL, maybe even miles high? Hafta google that sometime.

Then a final snapshot for the night upon a return to Noru. Will be hard to beat this location, along with my temple’s place in Rubi. I’m all set, it seems.


* another great post from the blog here:

Sounds like Parktown and Chilbo should compare notes on +s/-s of mainland living (!)


Loose Thoughts…

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The virtually physical aspect of the Blue Feather Gallery will stay in place in some semblance, but another, more non-corporeal component will be added that may begin to dominate the concept: instead of me going out and looking for artists to bring to the gallery, I’ll simply go out and find galleries I like and take snapshots of them and create accompanying text for this blog. My focus will most likely be on mainland galleries, driven by a single, strong artist, perhaps a better known artist but perhaps not. These galleries themselves, in this way, become “blue feather galleries”. The difference is like bagging a lion to put on display in a zoo as opposed to taking pictures of the lion in its natural habitat. Why have a “zoo” when you can do this? I’m asking myself now. I’ve also witnessed the trouble an SL friend of mine has had in attracting attention to her own fledgling gallery.

I have an idea who will be first on the list. But I need to do some more gallery hopping before committing.