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Builds, 02 July 22, 2010

The other build I’ve been working on recently, and off and on since the beginning of June, is the new, updated Temple of TILE in Rubi. A pic of the subway system first, an Arcadia Asylum creation of course…

Then it’s up the single escalator to higher levels…

.. starting with Floor #1 of the temple proper. You have to take the left (north) half of the divided escalator to reach this floor; the other will dead end about halfway up. Get to that quirk in a moment-o.

The original version of this temple, which has been carried down through the months and now years, is a 30m x 30m x 30m cube, same dimensions that later became attached to the cube version of the Edwardston Station Gallery. And for a time after the creation of the latter, I tried to combine the forms of each into 1 rectangular box 60 meters high and 30 meter on each side. In other words, I stacked one cube on top of the other, same-size cube, with the Temple of TILE usually on top of the Edwardston Station Gallery. Symbolically, I still believe this is the best way to view the relationship of the two structures, perhaps the 2 most important I’ve developed in Second Life. They are perhaps viewable as 2 aspects of one thing, like a masculine (TILE) and feminine (ESG and the “Art 10×10”) cooperative. I’ve also related them to the Sun and Moon, which appear as the same, relative size as viewed from our Earth.*

But upon my move to Noru in May, 2009, and the expansion of my land to larger proportions than before, I decided that the 2 cube structures worked best separate from each other. Closely related still in a symbolic way but separate physically. And that is the way they remained up until the Big E Gallery of Aotearoa about 1/2 year later, when they were combined again but with many other elements, such as the Big E itself (created Summer, 2009) and also a considerable number of b_hivia modules. Big E Gallery was my largest, created structure in SL, and still is — a behemoth of sorts.

But back to the present. Many pictures that appeared in previous incarnations of the Temple of TILE have returned in the new version, including, first, those more directly related with TILE Creek of Frank Park, and then, sneaking in later, mostly Edna generated pictures concerning Ozland, the “Ruins in the Woods” exhibit first found in the Big E Gallery as well, and others. Missing still are Charleston related pictures — maybe later. But the main subject, obviously, is TILE itself, the game/philosophy/religion I’ve already talked about quite a bit in this blog here and there.

A collection of TILE Creek related pictures in a wing of the gallery.

Ozland related pictures, all by Edna, added to a corner of the gallery by the stairs.

Another quite exciting, new development to the temple is the addition of a downstairs bar and lounge, with objects (including the fabulous bar itself) courtesy of Tooter Claxton, all found free of charge at his store in Oculea.

And this barroom can only be reached through the half of the escalator heading *down*, to return to that quirk in temple navigation I mentioned before.

A look down from the Tyle cube still centering the new temple (as in all previous versions as well, if I remember correctly) toward the bar and the tipsy Baker Bloch perched on a stool there.

Another aerial view of the temple, which is a bit over 2/3rds the size of the 30x30x30, older version. It’s in its perfect, virtual spot now perhaps. More on that soon I suppose, when I have more time. TILE is very important to me if you haven’t picked up on that, loyal reader or readers.

But actually, the real star here, just speaking from a virtual standpoint, is the Great Rubi Forest. Amazing.


* For various reasons, I also associate them with this:


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