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Grounded ESG July 19, 2010

Filed under: Edwardston Station Gallery,Norum — baker Blinker @ 8:01 am

Newest development in Noru World: the Edwardston Station Gallery is now on the ground instead of beside the Blue Feather Gallery in the sky. Quite remarkably, I didn’t have to cut down *too* many trees, and didn’t eliminate any, to my knowledge, of the forest attractions already in place. The views are spectacular from the gallery, much more so than in the skybox. And I simply lowered the whole ESG, all 400 prims, directly down to the ground without moving in any other direction (N E S W) one inch. The only thing I couldn’t move initially was the gallery kiosk, which had to be lowered separately. I’m still not sure of the fate of the Blue Feather Gallery, but I believe this is where the ESG, expanded version or newer version, is suppose to be.

“I haven’t talked to Hucka D. in a couple of days. Let’s see if he’s here.”

[no answer]