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Around Noru(m), 03 July 17, 2010

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Still on the Crow’s Foot property, Baker Bloch is able to teleport up to a type of planetarium, apparently created by the Crow’s Foot owner himself, one Woodrow Staple. Wonder if he knows anything about past warfare on the property Hucka D. has very recently referred to? — silly question: of course he doesn’t. Those memories would be wiped during the transition to the LL grid, hehe. Anyway the planetarium is quite interesting, having images of the Earth, Moon and some of the planets, including Mars, Jupiter and Mercury. Not Venus, perhaps curiously, nor Saturn, the other two visible planets from Earth besides the ones already mentioned. Is there some kind of hidden code within the planetarium? Baker Bloch also can’t find a way out of it once in. He has to teleport outside the property and reenter on foot. Just making a note of this.

Moving away from the perhaps still secret stashing Crow’s Foot, Baker soon comes across this more unusual object in Nari still, only a few meters from the southern edge of the 4 sim Hanja Welcome Center. Appears to be a bunch of crabs stuck together with the color drained from them, appearing in front of a dish with more aquatic life depicted on its surface. Ahh, I see: the owner of the parcel, Chalee Hester, herself has some characteristics of crabs judging by her profile picture. Perhaps her user is a fan of the occult science of astrology, and born in the sign of Cancer the Crab. Just venturing a guess.

Very ne corner of Nari, with “crab dish” just out of sight below the bottom of the picture frame here. Nice, grassy avenue of sorts down into lower areas…

… eventually leading Baker, after a journey through the entire length of the Changmi sim, to Route 10.

Biking back in the direction of Chilbo on Route 10.

Edge of Chilbo reached, with its patented red brick sidewalks lining both sides of the road beginning in Mindulle. Before Baker here is the new-ish Chilbo Community Annex station of this particular sim. More information about these annex stations can be found here.

Actually I see from these notes, or am reminded by them, that this is the first annex station of its kind. Just a couple of days ago another one of its type, representing the Mangyeong sim, was placed directly beside my Chilbo office on Route 10. Not sure how many more there are now. Should I be a liaison for Noru? Unfortunately I don’t think I have the space for it now that the Edwardston Station Gallery sits on the ground there. Besides… well, I’ll save serious or semi-serious discussion about the independent situation of Noru/Norum for later.

On the way back to Noru, Baker decides to bike past a site of one of his old rental properties in a residential area of Chilbo. Still no one else renting there. Shame.


Around Noru(m), 02

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This night I head west from Noru, continuing to bike near or along the crest of the central ridge of the continent. The top elevation I found in this direction is about 150 meters. In comparison, most of the Noru Woods lies at about the 140 meter level, with Sapphire’s house on a peak that rises to 145m, perhaps the highest point in Noru itself.

The first picture comes from the upper edge of Noru, where the elevation has sloped down to about 130 meters now. This would be the property of my old Noru neighbor Olando7 Decosta, who I am sorry I only met once while staying there. Very interesting fellow, and the same age as me, baker b., in RL, as we talked about at the time. He’s also a Chilbo community member, and at least use to (and perhaps still does) show movies for community members at his theatre in the very nw corner of Noru, directly beside where I placed my original home in Noru and also in Jeogeot as a whole. Olando’s user’s website is called MixedRealities; I should check it out more often.

A tiny beauty spot, back on the crest of the ridge in Nabi and about a sim directly west of my Noru properties. Can’t be entered, though.

Looking west from the same position toward the east edge of Noru. Chilbo land dead ahead, although it’s up for sale.

Then turning east from the same position, Baker takes a picture of this amusing house with giant legs and arms bursting out from it. Unfortunately he could not find an easy way into the structure this night — he’ll try again very soon.

Then just south of the crest, on the northern end of Mindulle, more Chilbo land. Quite a large place now, as I’ve said; Baker finds that they even have a parcel on the very top of the crest, devoted to some kind of conference center, it appears. Chilbo has fingers in many pies. 🙂

Shot into lower lands from a 147m elevation vista in Nari, immediately west of Nabi. But from this point on, the ridge begins to descend and eventually flattens out into the surrounding landscape.

Starting down the slope, Baker is pleased to find another tiny “community” tucked in the hills between Chilbo to the southwest and Parktown to the northeast. If you can really call it that, being composed of only a handful of buildings lining one, short L-shaped street. Yet this hamlet does seem to have a name: Crow’s Foot…

, with a central establishment of the same name: “The Crow’s Foot”, apparently a place where they occasionally play alt/indie music of various sorts. Baker is very please to find here, once again, the Tooter Claxton created bar that he himself used in the Temple of TILE.

And then, on the side of the tallest of the hamlet’s buildings, another picture of Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”, an image I just employed in devising a “Norum in the Gazebo” poster (see blog post just below this one). Probably means something; Baker should most likely come back here every now and then.