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Noru Woods Map July 16, 2010

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Teleport here:

I was also pleased as punch to find an old poster ad for the “Norum in the Gazebo” play written by Sapphire. We think. Here ‘t’is:

Lastly, this advertisement on the back of the 2nd of 12 or 13 editions of The Norum Quarterly which, perhaps oddly, was printed 3 times a year instead of 4. Per additional information found in editions 5, 8, and 11, do the Red Leaf and Blue Feather choices indicated represent a fundamental split in the reality of past/present/future Norum?


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  1. […] very hill named after him. The 4 loop, 300 meter plus long tube is a gun pointed back upon itself. Like in the Norum in the Gazebo poster, […]

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