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Ta Do List… Chatters? July 8, 2010

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* Explore around Heck’s Canyon more, as I did last night. Pictures soon. Head for the high hills, as Nish did in her blog from the canyon. More stories there.

* But what of Corsica?… has the Valley of Nye once separating Corsica from Nautilus been displaced to Heck’s Canyon? And what of the Eye of Rye… in the new location it seems to be the same as the square version of the Edwardston Station Gallery. Should I take a closer look at the collages within? Maybe this is what the “Martians” are directing me to do (last 2 visitors to the gallery have been avatars with first names of Mar and Mars respectively).

I’ve speculated that the Valley of Nye is a crack in the SL virtual reality, allowing Martians to invade, in a word, the Corsica continent, more specifically Corsica Prime. The Comma Islands, making up most of the remaining territory of the continent, and directly west of Corsica Prime, remained under the control of the Jupitons, which Bracket Jupiter is one of, perhaps the primary one of SL (as King of the Stans). There is a strong red-blue polarity, if all this is true, red=Mars and blue=Jupiter. It even shows up on a map of the two series of Corsica roads, the red roads (Mars) being in Corsica Prime and the blue ones (Jupiter) a part of Comma Islands.

Jupiter and Comma Islands represent a relatively unfallen realm, while Mars and Corsica Prime is fallen (more). A link is the southern Sea — South Seas — containing, among other islands, the very interesting Eye of Rye, as I’m calling it. Looking at the Corsica map, the Eye of Rye is obviously more assoc. with Corsica Prime than the Comma Islands.

* I should be able to catch up with text generation for the Eye of Rye related posts tomorrow, btb.

* Another theory: since the primary sim of Eye of Rye, containing its downtown as it were, is named Norstrilia, and this name is almost an anagram of “nostril”, it could refer as well to the Nose of Rose. I don’t think the Eye of Rye, however, is instead the Nose of Rose. But if it is, is Chasm Deep the *other* nostril, then?

* More theories: Corsica Prime was anchored by the Chasm Deep-Eye of Rye concave/convex relationship — placed it solidly in the Martian camp. The similar sized island to the northwest of Eye of Rye could be a different story, though… a battleground between Jupiter-Mars forces in a manner. Could *this* be the Nose of Rose? (Ear of Beer?)

* The road (Route Y on map linked to above) has already been mentioned as a way for Bracket Jupiter to unite the two Comma Islands as one.

* The Comma Islands escaped the need for war and united in a loving manner through King + Queen. The Route Y was built to seal off the southern end of the Queen’s island and stop the eternal spinning of the two islands around each other. The King and Queen’s palace was set up in Panquehue; the southern island had the palace; the northern one the roads. A fuchsia diamond ring designed by none other than our own Karoz sealed the dealie. Mars was sealed off from Jupiter — Corsica Prime from Comma Islands. The Valley of Nye was forgotten as the King and Queen’s union presaged the coming of the Linden grid. 256 square meter parcels were set in place… Bracket, named after the King, acted as a new glue between the two islands, and the source or beginning of Route Y. Magicland was eventually established; the King likes to still visit occasionally.

Question: Is Orion’s Vale, then, the powder keg of the Martian war for Corsica Prime? I think Hucka D. wants to say yes here. The Egg Hill Incedent, as it has been referred to in this blog.

* Going back to the Bracket sim, Magicland also doubled Ratcliff in a light-dark polarity. Ratcliff allowed The King a way to return to pre-Linden conditions when he liked — and the Queen as well. This is how they moved back and forth between SL and England, most likely. They became as Ancients.


Hold on. Could this be the Nose of Rose?


“We better bring in Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

The original Nose of Rose was Fivepenny Hill on the Queen’s Island. Then it was moved, the term I mean. (long pause) The Nose of Rose is a war term, like “bloody nose”. Once the Queen married the King, then the Nose of Rose nomenclature was no longer needed. But it was moved elsewhere after the establishment of the Eye of Rye as the portal to the Martian takeover of Corsica Prime. The important thing presently is to know that Fivepenny Hill was once called this. Nostrilia of Eye of Rye is a trace of this former appellation.


Thanks for that. I’m guessing that the newer or second, perhaps, Nose of Rose as we’re calling it, was located more between the two “eyes” of Corsica Prime, or Eye of Rye and Chasm Deep.

Hucka D.:

An *attempt* was made of this. It did not really succeed despite a good deal of effort on the part of the builders/designers. Nose of Rose would always remain Fivepenny Hill in the greater timescape. A reminder of the conquest of war in that area [Comma Islands].

Heck’s Canyon is just a trace of the much larger Valley of Nye. But it has power of its own as well, despite the relative minisculity.


What of the Ear of Beer? Could this be Ruuster or Ruust *Ear*?