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Eye of Rye and Chasm Deep Sink (Rye of Eye?) July 2, 2010

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Eye of Rye 1st, w/ most important sim (containing “downtown” of island) highlighted, this being Norstrilia.

Chasm Deep Sink, then, aligned with the suspiciously similar shaped Eye of Rye as precisely as possible after having been rotated 180 degrees. The Chasm Deep sim is highlighted in this case.

You can toggle back and forth between the 2 pictures if you open them in separate windows or tabs. The green outline within each is almost the same size.

Then below we have the outline of the Chasm Deep sim (orange) superimposed on the Eye of Rye picture, with the alignment between the 2 locations in place still. Remarkably, the 2 highlighted sims of each picture, Nostrilia (red) and Chasm Deep, turn out to, in essence, share the same diagonal (pink), *and*, moreover, intersect each other in such a way to form a square whose sides are precisely *2/3rds* the length of the associated sims.

Because of this fact, the interference pattern can be easily broken down into a grid of squares 1/3rd the length of a sim. A 3×3 example of such squares making up the Nostrilia sim is shown below.

The Baker family believes this is a representation of 2 eyes focusing, one the Eye of Rye itself, and the other Chasm Deep Sink, peering in the opposite direction, as it were.

The implications here could be far reaching. Far reaching indeed.


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