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Eye of Rye? 01 July 2, 2010

Filed under: Corsica Continent,Eye of Rye — baker Blinker @ 7:02 am

The remarkble Eye of Rye (Island), as I’m calling it, roughly shaped like an egg, or an *eyeball*. 🙂 For more about the origin of this name, check here.

The island, located in the wonderful South Sea of the Corsica continent with its high content of marine life and ancient ruins, is about 1 sim high and 1 1/2 sim wide, or about 250 meters by 375 meters. Boardwalks and docks artificially extend the length of the island in all directions except on the west coast… where we happen to start our Eye of Rye mini-tour. Baker lounges in a small park of the Otherwhen sim, owned by JBS Estates.

A nicely textured road encircles most of the shoreline of the island, with the exception of a gap where the shore passes through the Cavathor sim. A small but colorful grove of trees is encountered at the end of the road as Baker walks into this sim from Otherwhen to its south. In looking at it again, this road may actually be classified as a very wide sidewalk — either one. A brick walkway extends beyond the other side of the grove for a number of yards.

Objects in the waters of Cavathor.

Baker turning around in his tracks from above to view the large, single mountain making up the interior of the island. Looks bald from this side, but with structures clinging to all other slopes save this northwestern one.

The road/sidewalk begins again at the west edge of Norstrilia, a sim containing the “downtown” of the island.

More to come!


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