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Why Ms. Blinker! (&, oh yeah, the other Baker on Nautilus) June 28, 2010

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So Baker Blinker is back from Temple Farm, Wiltshire, and with a new look (!) Why the change? Basically Baker Blinker will be in charge of promoting both the Edwardston Station Gallery and the Blue Feather Gallery, and in such a position and interacting with the public in a larger way, I thought a makeover was due. I didn’t want to change the color of her skin — that would take away the essential Blinker-ness, I think — but I do really like the new, gray hair, with subtle, accompanying outfit of purple shirt, white pants and grey sneakers. I believe she looks quite fetching if I say so myself, more like Baker Blinker should actually appear virtually. Baker Bloch is impressed as well, and desires his own makeover — he’s demanding a goatee for now. We’ll see what we can do. And Hucka Doobie may not be far behind with the do-over requests.

A follow-up thought: is the attached curse over for Baker Blinker because of the new appearance? I’ll have to think about that further.

For those who don’t know, Baker Blinker is actually my oldest SL avatar, and the Baker who was still the dominant one when this blog was created in 2008. Thus the name “Baker Blinker’s Blog”. Yes, I was originally a woman in SL, and the RL wife was a SL male avatar — still is, what little she’s inworld. For me, gradually dominance switched over to the other, slightly newer Baker (Baker Bloch), a change especially catalyzed with the move to the mainland and Rubi; this would be around August 2008, or about a half year after my initial immersion into this virtual world.


Meanwhile, Baker *Bloch* has been exploring the upper reaches of the Nautilus continent, specially those areas closest in proximity to the Comma Islands and attached sea. Still, at the closest, an empty area several sims wide separates the 2 continents at these points.

Basically I sent Mr. Bloch there to see if there’s any possible spillover mythology coming from the direction of Comma Islands, perhaps in another future to past movement that Hucka D. claims is quite common in this virtual reality. Not sure if he found anything like that, but there was this really nice forest covering almost the entire sim of Molvena.

Circle of rocks within this forest — Baker doesn’t think it is a legitimate portal upon closer inspection, unlike a similar circle of rocks within the Villeneuve forest, say. But, come to think of it, they are on the same continent…

To the west of Molvena, in Lusiana, there’s a lot of empty beach space.

To the northwest of Molvena extends a largish peninsula of perhaps about 8 sims worth of land. The centerpiece is a castle apparently both created and owned by an avatar with the alliterative moniker of of Montelli Vantelli.

If further clues about the nature of the Comma Islands and pre-Linden governments is forthcoming from this area, it might be attached to this quite interesting castle and accompanying structures. More soon, possibly!


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