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I don’t want… June 16, 2010

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… to get too far behind in my text generation, so I thought I’d do one of those posts where I add photos to accompany a stream of thought. So here goes…

First off, I eliminated the blue Victorian house from the new Comma Islands property in, let’s see, that would be the Intromoto sim. Simply too big for the parcel; will use it as a biking hq and that’s probably about it. If I decide to keep it for any amount of time. Low risk investment, as I indicated, since it cost me about 2 bucks 50. Can abandon at any time. Kind of wishing I would have… well, let’s just move to the pictures.

I started at Bracket tonight. Just teleported into the center of the sim, or where the redirect was — at the entrance to Magicland. I’ll have to give a tour of Magicland soon enough, which makes up, it seems, the majority of the Bracket sim. But for tonight I wanted to examine more the mountain above Bracket where Bracket Jupiter, aka The King, use to have his castle according to legend.

Below are some shots of a smaller mountain to the northwest of the larger one. This would be in the very southwest corner of Wood Blewit, the sim immediately east of Bracket and directly north of Panquehue, supposed former home of The King’s castle (now the home of an art gallery). This smaller mtn. is notable for its deep ridges.

Shot looking north over top of the mountain toward Magicland. I found the complex topography of the beach just east of Magicland interesting as well. It’s partially owned by the same person who owns the mountain, a Professor Messerschmidt, who runs a small emporium on the land.

Among the various goods advertised here is this time machine. Baker attempts to “time travel” to another SL location picked at random from a number offered, but couldn’t teleport into it.

Another somewhat complex pattern of granite ridges is found up the mountain in Panquehue itself, not far from the top of the mountain.

Are the 2 granite ridges pictured above, situated about 150 meters from each other, related in a psychic manner? I personally think they are clues to The King’s former inhabitation of this area.

A less interesting, to me, beach village to the south of Panquehue in Tillamook. Mt. Panquehue, as we’ll call it, is in the background.


Let’s stop here and bring in Hucka D. for a minute. “Hucka D., I think I’ve figured out some more stuff about Comma Islands and The King or Bracket Jupiter. The King created Route Y, for one thing.* This was to seal off the 2 Comma Islands from each other, and create a brak, er, break in the spinning around of the two. The fuchsia diamond and the lighthouse shaped like a chess castle or rook are an indication of the location where the break occurs. Specifically, I believe its where Route Y forms a bridge and curves around the extreme southern point of the northern Comma Island. Route Y begins in *Bracket*, loops around the west side of Northern Comma Island to reach this southern extremity, then loops arond the east and north side of the same island to end up, it looks like, in Jameed, not very far at all from its “starting point” in Bracket several sims to the east now.”

“The King did this to stop the spinning, as I said, and unify the two former rival island kingdoms into one land. He established his castle on the South Island…”

Hucka D.:

North and South, yes. Those are the names of the two islands. Like New Zealand.


Thanks for that.

Hucka D.:

The King established his castle in what is now Panquehue to unite the two kingdoms into one land. He is from Jupiter, he is from Bracket. He caused the brak, as you said.


Break [you mean].

Hucka D.:

Right, break. Sorry. This break occurs at the approximate location of the fuchsia diamond, which was planted there by The King or Bracket Jupiter so you would pay attention to the Comma Islands and not focus as much on the Pond District — for now. The relationship with various SL explorers will become more apparent now. Fivepenny Hill is a link.


As was mentioned before. Fivepenny Hill always seems to have a crowd around it, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:



Soooo… as I was thinking, the Temple of the Prim of the southern island has a rough equivalent in the large waterfall on the North Island.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Another planting. You must now turn your attention to the sea between the islands.


Can you…

Hucka D.:

Another night. Goodbye!


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