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South of Rubi, 01 June 10, 2010

Filed under: Heterocera continent (Atoll continent),Rubi Forest — baker Blinker @ 2:43 am

The Linden road that runs west and south of Rubi. Still haven’t found out any official route number for it — probably doesn’t have one.

This road is prettier than I remember. More trees. Example below.

Not far at all from my Rubi property, probably oh about 350 meters at best, is this quite amazing park just off this apparently unnamed route that I’d been to before, but now seemed more extensive. It’s called Lost Gardens Retreat, owned by Bjorlyn Loon. In checking today again behind Baker’s initial exploring, Karoz is finding that two nature areas ajoin each other in this area, the other owned by the SL Public Land Preserve Group. Their group charter:

To preserve SL wilderness and beautiful builds for the enjoyment of the general public. Over 75,000 m2 available on 31 parcels. Join openly, no invitation, for a one-time $5 fee to set prims! Help keep SL Nature free and accessible by supporting our parks and recreational areas. Donate camping fee $20/day to help pay tier. Free vending in TechHeaven in Thyris! Lots of fun activities, pick up the landmarks card in Carlisle at Botany’s Grove.

The pictures below, however, all come from the Lost Gardens Retreat, which features a large, multi-tiered aqueduct and numerous waterfalls, among other highlights.

Lost Gardens Retreat offers a considerable number of scenic vistas to take in the scenery. Below the meditating Baker here lies a large-ish lake mostly in the Grote sim. This is where all the water flowing within LGR ends up.


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