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East of Yeot, 02 May 27, 2010

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The next day I sent a biking Baker in the general direction of Meddletown yet again, hoping to plumb more of its mysteries. Pretty trees on a hill to the south of the route, not far from Yeot. On private land, though.

And the Mandu located apartment complex I devoted most of this 5/18 post to is already gone, just like that. In fact, the whole sim is now up for sale for a measly 275,000 lindens, or a bit over a *1000* US dollars. It sounds like a lot to me too, but in checking it’s “only” 4.6 lindens per square meter, which is not really that unreasonable for some locations.

Really nice views from Route 9 in this area, like this sunset scene with Baker looking back toward Yeot.

A club called The Factory along the way. This is the same parcel in Dacham that has the empty, derelict skyscrapers also featured in this earlier post..

Baker was unable to discern exactly what kind of music is played here; the place seems largely vacant save for the dance floor itself. Maybe there’s more stuff, unseen, going on up in the sky somewhere.

A stream Baker crosses in Caeshu, a sim caddycorner to Dachum to its southwest. In-between the 2 sims, Route 9 passes through a small part of Doomaekkot (southwest corner) as well.

This is an interesting stream to me: the small 144 sq. meter parcel to the front of the biking Baker below describes a bit of its history, with the name of the parcel reading, “Come see what a creative Mole did with a found ‘stream’!^_^”, and the description stating, “This is the last survivor of a series of stream/channels that separated small parcels in most of Caeshu.”

Baker detaches his bike and sits on a provided bench underneath the bridge. A spider keeps him company…

… along with a catfish that looks suspiciously like a pint-size version of his Ol’ Granny back in Yeot.

As Karoz is checking behind Baker Bloch today once more, he finds a frog beside a mushroom underneath the bench as well, along with a nearby seagull perched on some rocks. Quite cool.

Karoz is estimating the length of the stream at about 60 meters, with the source just beyond the catfish looking from Baker’s direction.


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