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Brief Chat… May 6, 2010

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Still, of course, have Blue Feather Gallery in Noru. Still have almost the same amount of land in Sunklands, all in Pudding Hill now. Been bouncing around the mainland continents looking at other rentals, though. One interesting one is in the Baker sim, right next to the old Isle of Baker.* Not sure yet if I want to rent there. B-day present for this ol’ Baker? Been bouncing around the mainland galleries as well. Quality is quite uneven. Most of the larger ones, obviously, are on estate land. Must be patient with BFG… am in the right location, I feel. Not a lot of visitors yet, maybe less than even Sunklands got, surprisingly. Must be patient. Perhaps next exhibitor will open things up a bit more. I will develop a curating style, if I continue on with the present design of the BFG. I would also like to attract other artists to SL itself. At the base, it’s as simple as slapping a texture on a prim and positioning it on a wall. Question again: why is the artist in SL? Why am I here… I think I’ve dealt with that question a lot on this blog. The art 10×10 or collage 10×10 (same work) cannot be practically displayed as a whole in rl. The Edwardston Station Gallery represents a quite low prim but still fairly satisfying venue for the work. But it is more a museum or even a warehouse. How will my own art develop in SL, now that I’ll have a bit more computer power?

The King (Karb) will arise soon. Peter The Good claims that he has already done so. Getting ideas for Carrcass-4 more now. Swindon is important in both realms. Back to the King: crops are behind in growth in crop circle country because of the unusually cold winter.

Also getting some ideas about TILE, which also seems to be connected to the King and his Queen. Or the Queen and her King.

I think the place in Herman Park I’ve been attracted to for the past 2 weeks or so will play a role. Dare I bring in Hucka D. or Peter The Good tonight? Perhaps I shouldn’t.

New computer might be here tomorrow (!!)


* Baker Bloch was born in SL on Isle of Baker. OK, maybe I should rent there, hehe.


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