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Galleries… April 14, 2010

“Hucka D. — or Peter The Good or whoever — I think I’m going to begin gallery hopping again. Focusing on mainland galleries. And also perhaps attracting artists to Second Life. Thinking especially of collagists here who work primarily in the digital realm. Have a connection with Yapland. Think back of all the artists I’ve run across in SL.”

Peter The Good:

I am here. That’s fine.


I already have 1 artist in mind, a mainland person. Then provide an interactive map of Chilbo for the gallery with those galleries included. Will mine be on it? Do I need to be on Chilbo land? Don’t know… but I will advertise through that channel since I live in Chilbo now. Live, quote unquote. Focus as well on Jeogeot mythology, or continue that. I can do that through the Blue Feather Gallery as well and also, of course, the Big E Gallery. Will perhaps work on that tomorrow or at least this weekend. So a new focus will be on galleries, mainland style, and seeing where that takes me.

Peter The Good:

That is all good.


Thinking back on the Blue Feather Gallery, and how it was supposedly formed first in Crabwoo on the Maebaleia continent.

Peter The Good:

That is a continent to be thinking about again indeed.



Let’s see, the Blue Strawberry Gallery is now kaput. The Blue Feather Gallery was never there, not in this reality. That’s where Crabwoo supposedly was, Hucka D. I mean, sorry, Peter G.

Peter The Good:

That is something.


The Bluedrake sim is that little blue box nearer the center of the continent. Hucka D. claims it is the oldest part of Second Life, I think. Except maybe for Yd Island. You know about those places, Peter G.?

Peter G.:

Yup. Yup yup yup.


The 2 sim extent of Crabwoo is shown in the pink box which includes the Blue Feather Gallery marker, Peter G. The Blue Feather Gallery was located in the very northwest corner of the community. If it actually existed. The E that the gallery was formed around was found in the Blue Feather Sea a long, long time ago. Again according to Hucka D. Karoz re-created this finding last year.

Peter The Good:

Terribly important this thing is.


Hucka D. claims the Blue Feather Sea was formed from a feather of Blue Drake. But the feather was larger than the bird… much larger. Karoz was supposedly also in Crabwoo… perhaps working as some kind of TILE artist.

Peter The Good:

E is TILE. The Blue Box.

Bluestocking Gallery:


2 Responses to “Galleries…”

  1. ujiyasu Says:

    Oh! I have passed by it other than blue box.
    My PC was broken. The graphic card which I can be still satisfied with to a new PC is not put on.
    Therefore, I am postponing a search till a new graphic card is put on.

  2. […] the only “blue” gallery remaining that I can find of the several listed on my related map of the continent from Summer 2009 (Bluestocking, Blue Box, Blue Strawberry, Blue Feather). Is this another tail or tale (southern tip […]

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