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Finally! Out and About… March 20, 2010

Meeting Rock, mentioned a couple of times already in this blog. Doesn’t look all that impressive on the outside, but there’s a small opening on the top, hidden by rhododendron here, where the supposed meeting was held that gives the rock its past/present/future fame.

We’ll be coming back to this important rock and meeting place soon enough, I suspect. I’ll attempt to create a Frank/Herman Park map shortly as well.

Moving to STREAM and nearer my home, I was initially quite disappointed and frankly shocked to find what appeared to be this playhouse stuck on a rock at one of the my most important local spots, which I call Harrisonia. But once more there may be more than meets the eye here. Upon closer inspection, I was rather impressed and relieved at the time to find the small house, no longer than 6 feet, was built on a rock bared by an uprooted tree not felled by human hands.

Center of Harrisonia about 30-40 yards north. STREAM is just behind me as I take this picture.

Upon checking, I’m not really sure why I’ve never mentioned Harrisonia in this blog before, nor the neighboring True Labyrinth and False Labyrinth. But I haven’t. Time to rectify that obviously gross error of sorts with more pictures and related text.


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