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“Saltzhole” March 5, 2010

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“So you have encouraged me to attempt an interpretation of “Saltzhole” tonight, Hucka D. I think this little, mini-series of collages may have already come to a close. Just like that (!)”

Hucka D.:

Unlocke or Flock has moved to the center of the island and taken over the temple with its healing waters or pool, dark after the death of Jacob. Didn’t take long, did it? The third and perhaps last collage of your Slipper Men series is about the takeover. The martins, keepers of the temple, are sent away — die. This is Dogen and Lennon. Viewers will miss them.


And that’s basically all there is to this collage.

Hucka D.:

The gist of it. See, that didn’t take long oh-tired-one.


But so many questions remain. Perhaps at least Dogen will even come back. Don’t think so with Lennon, but, on the other hand, he was thrown in to the healing pool as well.

Hucka D.:

Before they had a comfortable nest, like cozy martins in a birdhouse. Now they are separated from their temple… through death. Banished. Lennon was especially a hard death to take. He is the larger bird in the “Salthole” collage, the yellow, more lemon colored one. Flock or Unlocke has assumed the rook and ladyslipper (through the pinkish color) roles in one. He has his new castle now, his new base. You *could* have had a hiking base in Huntsman, but instead you’re still hunting. Maybe this castle replaces that castle. RL for SL.



Hucka D.:

The number of the castle or wellhouse has been reduced from 9 to 8 now that the Martins have flown the coop. Octagon, like the shape of the Purton Stoke Well House the rook or castle overlaps in the “Saltzhole” collage.


I suppose, Hucka D., this could also be a regression of St. Nick of Barkley back to his Ladyslipper and Sharon-centric days before the unification of Wazob. Sharon is all and everything, still. Reversion, regression. The Rabbit Hole (connecting Jeogeot and Maebaleia continents) has been erased.


2 Responses to ““Saltzhole””

  1. […] have someone moving into an orange colored location and kicking out, as it were, 2 martins – birds in this case. I’m thinking that 8-sided figure, which is an English well house, is also the Orange House […]

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