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“Slipper Men” March 4, 2010

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“Decided not to rent in Huntsman, Hucka D. Close to Mt. Jeogeot, but the neighbor seemed a bit paranoid. You create your own reality. I’ve never had any problems with rentals and people in my houses. And if they were, well you just ask them to leave if you wish. They’re probably there by mistake, or just looking around. Let ’em look.”

Hucka D.:

If you had a mate within SL, you might think differently.


Perhaps. I’d get a bigger place than she had, then. No view there anyway. Maybe I should go back to Bluedrake.

Hucka D.:

Might be a better idea. That was a nice place. Very historic. Overpriced, but worth it for the story at the time, of course. You could return.


I”ll think about it. We better talk about “Slipper Men” tonight if we are. Now this is what I would call my first legitimate collage in over a year, since Jasper 10 and the end of the 10×10 itself. Not a really complicated one but a self-contained work still. I think at the end this became a symbol for Maebaleia and Jeogeot with the spinning Taijitu circle. Rabbit Hole then (connecting the two). The skeleton in the road points to it, or indicates toward it. Constantine I’s disconnected hand at the bottom points toward it. There is an implied relationship between the skeleton and the dismembered Constantine I statue, from around AD 319, Hucka D. All these images are related to the phrase “319 key”. The skeleton is single and intact, seemingly, but without flesh of course. The statue has flesh but the body is split into pieces — a hand here, a head there, a knee over there. 2 human figures that are incomplete in different ways. The pointing or indicating hands unite, through the Taijitu.

Then we have the pair of ladyslippers beside Constantine’s head, which are linked, pictorially, with the key lime pie as well. In what turned out to be a type of draft for this more finished work, the ladyslippers appear over the face of Constantine instead. Now they are “out of the way,” so to speak, allowing the face to turn and look at the spinning circle the hands are indicating. Instead the flowers seem to be more attached, to me, to the key lime pie. As if they were growing out of the pie.

Constantine may represent (the Mythos country of) Sharon through Sharon Stone — another “stone figure” if you will. Perhaps the key lime pie is a symbol of Sharon as well, since a community called Ladyslipper is the capital of Sharon, and these ladyslippers grows out of the pie, seemingly, or are otherwise attached to it. The dimensions of the picture this pie is cut from is 306×319, which is why it came up in a search for “319 key”, Hucka D. (pause)

To continue… but it is the *statue head* that seems to grow out or protrude from the center of the pie-that-might-be-Sharon, not the ladyslippers. Instead they are off to one side of both the pie and the statue head. Sharon has maybe transformed beyond the Mythos country centered by the Ladyslipper capital, and this is done through attachment to another Sharon — Sharon Stone. The ladyslippers do not cover or obscure the eyes. They are off to one side. Instead a relationship betwen two opposite things is revealed, a hole in space/time or Timescape. Rabbit Hole. Wazob (green) is seen to have an opposite in Ur (red), and, more particularly, Sharon (yellow-green) in Stockhausen (red-violet). We are asked to believe that Sharon is not alone, and that an opposite is needed to complete.

The title “Slipper Men” refers to the 2 ladyslippers, obviously, but also the 2 men in the collage, the skeleton and the statue, both incomplete figures in different ways, as we’ve said. Men instead of ladies. From the perspective of one man (Constantine), the other (skeleton) may not exist, or seem dead. The Taijitu is not understood. But they are linked — Slipper Men together and as one.

The centering of Sharon in Ladyslipper creating a type of blinding or partially blinding illusion of self-importance and self-containment, apart from Wazob and apart from Mythos as a whole. Is this the illusion Nick of Barkley believed in? Perhaps so.

I think we have underestimated this Nick of Barkley, Hucka D. I think he was *at one time* limited in vision in this way, and seeing Ladyslipper as the center and Sharon as independent of all else. But that changed — he, like me through this collage and the images within, had the too close flowers removed from his eyes. He saw Sharon in its true relationship as part of a greater whole. I see this myself now. Nick of Barkley created the Rabbit Hole (connecting Jeogeot to Maebaleia)?

Hucka D.:

Yes. He did. He and Barton became partners. St. Nick of Barkley but then just plain Ned of Barton. But together still. Sharon became the P Province: Chrysoberyl, after merging with others to lose its independent status and instead become a part of Wazob — the last “p” in the pod.


Sharon became one piece of the overall pie, an important piece, perhaps an archetypal piece, but still just one piece or segment. The ladyslippers are off to one side of the key lime pie in the collage, then, with roots in perhaps just one (future) piece. One piece of pie has already been removed. Is this Sharon as well? (Have the ladyslippers on that now missing piece been set aside so that the piece could be removed and eaten/digested?)

Like Dogen is now dead in LOST, so the *old* Nick of Barkley is dead within My Second Lyfe. Sharon decentralized in his perspective. Sidekick (Lennon) is also dead in LOST. Lemon-lime pie… piece removed. They live on in another time though, this Dogen (Barkley) and Lemon (Barton). Companions still.

Hucka D.:

We better move to the next collage. Good job.


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