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“Timescape Castling” March 4, 2010

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To continue, then: the ladyslippers, same as in “Slipper Men”, reappear in the new collage, presently called “Castle, Castle” but that name will most likely morph into something else soon enough (3/4: called “Timescape Castling” for now). The ladyslippers, or at least the right one, seems to point, with its leaf, to the location of the Salt Hole of Purton Stoke, Hucka D., historically known for its healing qualities.

Hucka D.:

Like the healing waters of the temple Dogen and also Lennon protected, all in one. This was all well until Jacob died and the balanced shifted from white to black.

Do you think, then, that the ladyslippers, now with a face (like the Constantine statue of the previous collage in this, er, series I suppose), are like the force of the dark oriented skeleton, perhaps representing Maebaleia in some way, entering the temple or healing well or healing pool, like Smokey has taken over the temple in LOST?

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause) An entrance has been made. Lines crossed where formerly proper boundaries were understood. Taijitu. It is *time*. Time/space… Timescape. The martin or martins have flown the coop. The rook enters unobstructed.


The tree that points directly toward the well is certainly at an odd angle, almost at a 45 degree angle. This seems, perhaps, to indicate the movement of a bishop in chess, the opposite of the horizontal/vertical rook possibilities.

Hucka D.:

That’s exactly correct. Ladyslipper has somehow found a way to *slip* into the opening and enter the octagonal well house. The crap carp. It is time.


The martins in the air may (actually) be in disarray, then, Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Maybe. That’s your next (modification).


This may also have to do with the gallery opening — I think it has to. I shifted the *time* of the opening, after all, so that it wouldn’t interfere with Edna and me looking at LOST. And this was the episode where both Dogen and Lennon were killed and the temple exposed for Smokey or UnLocke or Flocke to enter and take over what is perhaps the heart and soul of The Island, Hucka D. The Ladyslipper points to an opening after all, the opening that quickly leads to the healing hole. And the tree points to this opening as well.

Hucka. D:

Better end. Again, good work (!) You have an idea already for the 3rd collage. You should add that Slippermen, although altogether disconnected to the idea of Sharon’s Ladyslipper in any other way, is still linked to it through Sharon’s Glop People. You’ve made that association before.

Ladyslipper (Sharon) > Glop People (Sharon) > Slippermen (Genesis/Lamb)


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