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We better start, Hucka D…. February 28, 2010

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“As the title says…”

Hucka D.:

So it shall be. You’ve found the old BossMoss place and the Freakies tree. Freaky!


So it is true.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Insert your picture of the tree here and then the Freakies-who-became-trees-themselves.



This is the tree in Yalu sim that Hucka D. indicates is parallel to the Freakie’s Tree of 70s cereal fame.

Comparison shot of the 70s cereal Freakies tree below.

Hucka D. seems to be backing my idea up that the Freakies themselves have somehow transformed into trees in my Second Lyfe, and planted themselves beside the main (composite?) Freakies tree.


How did the Freakies transform themselves into trees, Hucka D.?

Hucka D.:

They became older than dirt. Insert the next related picture and speak!

The very top of the mountain the Freakies tree and trees are situated on is owned by one Bippie Camel, who you can see below describes his rl self as not only older than dirt, but present before it was created.

Hucka D.:

Continue! I like not speaking!

Just later on, when checking out the Yalu sim on the always helpful Second Life Grid Survey site, observed that their logo was a ball of dirt with some little green plants beginning to sprout out the top.

The ball is in the design of the Taijitu, which we’ve already determined in this blog to stand for, among other things, the direct, spacial relationship between Jeogeot (remember that in Yalu we’re talking about the highest point of Jeogeot, and also about its center spot) and Maebaleia.

The top of Jeogeot in Yalu, owned by Bippie Camel, is also claimed through The Camels group, composed of Bippie and what appears to be a former partner who owns the group title, “The Baker.”

In a Snapzilla search for pictures from the Yalu sim, came across one where a Mini May is riding on the back of what appears to be, at first glance, an ice skating camel.

The caption: “Only Mini would ride a camel on an ice rink.” The shot was taken in June 2007, almost a full 2 years before another Camel, a human this time named Bippie, claimed land in this sim.

“Think I’m done now, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

A key is the camel, of course. 1 hump or 2 humps, just like the mtn. itself may be 1 humped or 2 humped. Older than dirt this mountain is, just like the owner of the top. It is implied — don’t you think? — that this owner has set himself up as an Adam, also formed from dirt and dust. If Adam is a camel, then the creation of Eve from his rib may be the transformation of a one hump camel into a two hump camel. Two from one. The Camels, then, are but one Camel now, like the Two Bakers are but one baker — you (“The Baker”).*


Is Hugh Rise, if that is the name of this mountain, a part of Sunklands?

Hucka D.:

You know that it is not, although it appears on your Sunklands map on the right hand side, above Second Sink, which was your intended goal for this weekend. You didn’t quite make it there, but you found something new and something perhaps even more important. You found the home of BossMoss, who may be the same as Mossman. BossMoss, the head of the Freakies, and Mossman are actually cousins, and rule the two peaks or humps of the ridge that makes up the highest collective point of Jeogeot. One hump becomes two.


What’s Camel got to do with it?

Hucka D.:

Bippie? A carrier. (pause) And the Taijitu dirtball from the Grid Survey site is also 2 humped, you see. Yin and yang; lighter and darker dirt or soil.


I suppose the Freakies tree in Second Lyfe would also stand in for the Tree of Knowledge in Adam’s Garden of Eden, Hucka D. You’re not suppose to eat of the fruit of that tree. Perhaps that’s what happened to the Freakies! (causing their monstrous shapes)

Hucka D.:

They seemed to have made the mistake of becoming trees themselves. But I think they wanted to. They are possibly happier now. Second Lyfe beyond their existence as cereal.

And then a final picture: that of BossMoss, perhaps the cousin of our Mossman (!)


* Hucka D. here is referring to, of course, Baker Bloch and Baker Blinker, the two sides, animus and anima, of the rl baker b. (“Me”.)


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