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Jeogeot: Japanese Explorers February 27, 2010

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I know I’m becoming woefully behind in my text generation for this blog, but I still thought it time to credited 2 newer SL explorer friends for their most excellent research, and some I’ve been using this morning. Because, yes, according to Kou Umaga’s Jeogeot category from his fabulous Rabbit Sky Pirate Adventure blog (don’t know how he finds these things!), a central rise of Jeogeot, peaking at about 158 meters according to both our calculations, represents the highest point of this southernmost Linden continent. This is the peak I just explored last night, and, noticing the elevation, remembered something about Kou mentioning the highest part of Jeogeot being about this height. It’s a very interesting spot, just west of what we’re calling Sunklands in this blog. Specifically, the peak lies in the Yalu sim, near the corner of Yalu, Hugh’s Rise (west), Huntsman (southwest), and Ungseokbong (south). I won’t give the SLurl because it seems to lie on private property, but it’s easy enough to find.

The map at the top of Kou’s Jeogeot category’s 1st page shows the elevation and general spot of the rise (just south of the continent’s likewise central Korean Channel).

For the record, as far as I can tell the highest spot inside Sunklands itself is — I’m going to trust Kou’s map without going inworld to check — about 132 meters. This would be in the Mount Owen sim, I’m guessing, somewhere along the southern border, and between Big Sink and Blackmount Sink. Keep in mind that Jeogeot residents can terraform a range of 4 meters up or down from the original level of their land, often making exact calculations of various “official” elevations difficult or impossible.

Sometime soon, I also want to list the various lowest elevations of the 6 Sunklands sinks, just for the fun of it.*

Kou’s Jeogeot section of his blog also gives SLurls for rezz zones on the continent along major routes and waterways. These don’t interest me as much personally, given that I simply “wear” my basically only means of artificial locomotion (modified Arcadia Asylum bicycle), but to others traveling or attempting to travel around the continent in different, varied ways, they may be super handy to know. He also includes the SLurl of 4 infohubs on the Linden landmass, along with 1 hotel presently. Then following this — presently again — are published 17 individual posts on his own various Jeogeot explorations, mainly using established routes but sometimes straying off more beaten paths as well, as I tend to do most often. For each post, it seems, Kou also provides a map of the trail he beats that particular day or set of days.

My basic complaint about Kou’s blog — no fault of Kou’s, of course (!) — is that it is in written in Japanese, and although you can use the often handy google translator provided in the right hand frame of the blog site to convert the text to any number of languages, the English translation at least is, well, let’s leave it as “sketchy”. Maybe other language translations are better using this tool. But at least I can get the *gist* of what Kou is saying (kind of), and his wonderful pictures and maps speak for themselves aside from any native tongue barriers.

One of my favorite posts from his Jeogeot category is this one, where he travels through the very heart and soul of Sunklands, including Lill Burn Valley, Big Sink, and all the way east to Second Sink even. Nice… very familiar landscapes here.

This post is also especially interesting to me, since Kou makes a rather concerted effort to explore and explain the environs of what I call Nowtown and Zen City, birthplace (seemingly) of our Little Robert Plant Variant who had a quite prominent place in this blog the second part of last year.

Which nicely segues, as it turns out, into a discussion of a second Japanese explorer/blogger I also had the great pleasure to discover and befriend this past year a bit, who I know as simply Ujiyasu. The @YAMATO blog describing her various SL explorations, throw in a good helping of RL related posts as well, is here. As it turns out, Ujiyasu also discusses in some depth about the Nowtown/Zen City locale in one post of her blog, which I made several replies to at the general time of its publication. Ujiyasu, like Kou Umaga, also has a Jeogeot category (in a drop down list this time). As I’m looking at the blog right now, I also notice she has links at the top for major categories discussed therein, which includes Jeogeot as well. Now although her exploring schedule is rather new compared to, say, mine (looks like all Jeogeot related posts date from this year), she’s methodically carving up the continent in these posts into handy, digestible bits for easy reading, as well as talking quite a lot already about other mainland areas such as the ever popular Heterocera and its SLRR (and just to note, since I forgot to mention it above, Kou also has mucho information about other mainland continents as well on his blog).

Of particular interest to me in the Jeogeot ramblings so far is Ujiyasu’s coverage of Chilbo. I’ll just go ahead and give links to the 6 part series (so far):

Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.1
Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.2
Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.3
Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.4
Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.5
Jeogeot : Chilbo vol.6

Admittedly there’s a bit of language barrier to overcome in understanding much of the @YAMATO blog for English readers such as myself, but not quite as much as with Kou’s Rabbit Sky Pirate Adventure. And, once again, many fine pictures are presented to help guide one through the various journeys, as well as supplemental maps.

Hats off to both Kou and Ujiyasu for their hard work and effort!


* I went ahead and did this last night. Surprisingly, it looks like one of the smaller sinks, Lill Burn Valley is actually the deepest at about 30 meters above the bottom of the world (water level usually lies at 20 meters). Big Sink is at about 35 meters elevation, and Aotearoa, Otaki Gorge, and Blackmount are all at around 45 meters. Second Sink or Oolamoo-Drews Sink — hold on, I’ll have go inworld to check (drum roll): looks like about 35 meters or so as well, just like Big Sink. Listed out in order of depth, then:

1. Lill Burn Valley – 30 meters
2. Big Sink – 35 meters
2. Second Sink/Oolamoo-Drews Sink – 35 meters
4. Aotearoa Sink – 45 meters
4. Blackmount Sink – 45 meters
4. Otaki Gorge – 45 meters


Checking In…

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“Seventy-six is the number of Frank and Herman Parks collectively. Good you found Seventy-Six Falls in Kentucky. Aaron is nearby. Jacob is nearby the other Seventysix (in Missouri). Aaron is near Settle’s Ford Conservation Area in Missouri (with its 6766 acres). Austin is nearby Aaron there. Lots of “A” towns in the area, baker b. AAAAA…


I noticed that.

Hucka D. (listing them out):

Adrian, Archie, Altona, along with Aaron and Austin. Altona probably stands for atonal, like Schoenberg. Archive, I mean Archie has come up before. East Lynne.*


“Well, anyway, I know Wheeler is from Sepisexton, which is the same as 76-ton which may be the same as Philadelphia, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

1-10 years old he lived there, this Wheeler. Henry Wheeler. (pause)


AAron, along with Abigail, is the original inhabitant of Wazob overall, according to mythology. AA — Aaron and Abigail. Abigail, like Eve, may have been formed from Aaron, though. The “Aa” beginning the name may be a symbol of the two A names together. Then “b”, the second letter of Abigail, follows “a”, the second letter of Aaron. They lived in the Rye subprovince of Britonia. Wheeler, as a Confederate himself, may have studied this mythology. Did he see through it back to Millaw?

Hucka D.:

Yes. (pause)


Anything else tonight?

Hucka D.:

Go to Meeting Rock as soon as possible to take pictures. Take BossMoss if possible. It’s a freaky place.


Thank you.


* A review here:


Hugh’s Rise To Noguri, 02

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Baker decides to press onward this night, eventually running across the familiar sites of Noguri, near his old home in Noru and on his general route to the Korean Channel in those days. Seems so long ago! (but only last spring and summer)

The peaked, magenta building in Noguri discussed at some length in posts of those days. I eventually compare it directly with the similar shape of Wordsworth’s grave picture in the Wheeler 09 collage, one of several Noguri objects resonating with images from that particular collage…

New additional to the valley: a jizo wood statue standing just north of the magenta structure mentioned before, on “Noguri Reclaimed Adfarm” land.

This northern Noguri waterfall, now mostly deleted for some reason, was also seen as having direct resonance with the waterfall pictured in the Wheeler 09 collage. This same waterfall. completed version, is presently set up on my rental property in Timescape.

Park area in Noguri with the now partially deleted waterfall in the background. Very nice. This is the same property that once contained the pond with a parrot perched on a bench next to it — that parrot being yet another Wheeler 09 identified resonance.


Hugh’s Rise To Noguri, 01

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In Hugh’s Rise now just west of Mooter, heading up and up. New, beautiful land to explore… always exciting.

The whole hillside here is filled with interesting looking places, including the forested area pictured below…

…a neighboring property with kinetic art…

… and, last but not least, as Baker keeps ascending and ascending, the very tip top of the rise, just over the border of Hugh’s Rise in the Yalu sim now. Baker checks the elevation at the top: 155 meters. That rang a bell: didn’t Kou Umaga’s blog mention something about 155 or so being the highest elevation of the continent as a whole. In checking, I find this to be so. How exciting; Baker Bloch’s stumbled across what appears to be, er, Mt. Jeogeot! Now this is a modest summit compared to those 300 meter plus skyscrapers in Heterocera that I attempted to walk all the way across summer before last. But still it’s a pretty big find, given the size of Jeogeot, perhaps the largest of mainland continents. Here is the highest point on the largest continent of Second Life. Sounds impressive, doesn’t it?

Colorful grove of trees found at the top. More of the story on those in a post just above!


Aotearoa To Hughs Rise, 02

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Soccer field in Kiore (Maori word for Polynesian or Pacific Rat) just north of Aotearoa. Unfortunately Baker Bloch contracted a slight knee injury while hiking the high slopes of upper Heterocera last year, and is unable to play organized sports any longer.

Just east of the soccer field, a tiny avatar wheels an empty wheelbarrow around his property, seemingly. My mistake: it’s just an animation, devoid of inhabiting soul (i.e., user). Today, about a week after Baker Bloch’s pictures here, checker-behinder Karoz finds that the elf thingie has disappeared in the meantime. Just making note of this and moving on…

… to a nearby pond of about 50 meters length, one of the few accessible “beauty spots” in the Kiore sim. But still not too pretty; Kiore, dovetailing a bit with its rat derived name, is not the most aesthetically pleasing of sims on the surface.

Witness this… actually, I like the disrepaired school, but it also looks like there could be a number of Kiore rats inside, you know.

In Matamata now, on the edge of the Stonebender shopping village, comprising perhaps over half of the sim.

Baker decides not to enter the village, however, wanting to keep moving northeast beyond known lands such as this (explored a bit last year). He pauses at a landscaped pond area on the property before departing.

In Mooter now, moving northeast once more on a Linden protected route. Unknown lands ahoy!


Aotearoa To Hugh’s Rise, 01

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This day, started my adventure, once more, in Aotearoa. Intended goal: somewhere northeast, perhaps Second Sink but perhaps just Northeast itself.

What I believe are bullets manifest sometimes right outside my Aotearoa cottage window when I go home, but quickly disappear, as if an illusion. But the photograph below proves otherwise.

Baker Bloch can also spot, from his comfy chair in the same cottage, the top part of a tree just beyond the west side of his old land. Yes, his land use to extend from the the other side of the cottage here up to that tree: 128 meters. Had to give it up, though — didn’t I?

I love the view into this empty sink. So spiritual and calming.

Tired of vegging out in the cottage, Baker Bloch pulls out his trusty bike and begins to circle around the sink, finding this lamb on the northern side. Lost little lamb… on unclaimed territory. Created and owned by a Miki Gymnast and called a Shaun Teleporter. If the little fella was ever actually a teleporter, it is no more. Just found this article about the creator/owner on the Not Possible In Real Life website, no longer active. 😦 Looks like Miki also helped design a Klein Bottle in 2008. Amazing the number of super talented individuals you find in SL. What her, in contrast, very simple and unassuming little lamb is doing in Aotearoa on abandoned land is anyone’s guess.

Glancing back a couple of times at the Aotearoa Sink while biking generally northeast.