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Wanderings… February 25, 2010

Biking on the Linden protected passage called the “Circuit La Corse” west of Timescape, once more.

Amazing empty scapes on the central, granite “dome” of the continent, where I plan to explore more soon.

Sculpty trees that hadn’t rezzed in yet. Still look pretty neat in this unpotentialized state; Blochs thought it worth a snapshot.

When Baker went over to the Aracadia Asylum library in the Cheomna sim on official business, a familiar looking statue greeted him in the courtyard. It’s the Buford P. Slum creation found in the Rosewood sim of Corsica not 1 or 2 nights before. He should have known it was an AA work with a name like that!

Baker meditates beside the grave with the blue rose at his Aotearoa home (tombstone yet another AA creation) before starting another night of wandering.

Baker had noticed this ground lighting just west of his home before…

… tonight he found the source: an aquarium just beneath the surface left behind by the former owner of the now abandoned land, accompanied by 2 potted plants.

Old service station, now on route 9 several sims north of Aotearoa.

Negotiating a narrow passage.

Wow!! When Baker decided to visit Blackmount once more while in the general vicinity, a giant pyramid with a capping eye had since been created in the Mt. Owen sim just south of Blackmount’s famed Rabbit Hole…

JOKE… the above shot is actually a trick, perspective photograph. The pyramid is there, true enough, but only about a meter high, and hovering about 30 meters off the ground near the center of the Blackmount sim. Baker likes to set up those kind of trick photos now and then, like with the huge waterdrop above the firey lava of Fyre Maven.

Baker was able to trace the origin of this eye-and-pyramid back to this parcel in INSERT, also on the Jeogeot continent and designed as an homage to the late writer-philosophy Robert Anton Wilson.