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West of Chasm Deep, 02 February 16, 2010

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Ocean view, also in Toothsum as was the last picture of the preceding post. Baker’s really starting to dig this continent!

Suddenly a road appears within the Linden protected passage in the northeast corner of Toothsum, starting out as just cobblestones but quickly turning to pavement as we enter Venostate.

Or more tightly fitted rocks I suppose, actually.

Another more urban area encountered in Brendon, next to a bay. Baker decides to take a right at a junction of two roads here. He heads northwest now.

Baker looks toward the high, inland dome of granite.

Bunny Encounter at another highway junction, in the Shetlon sim this time. Baker’s apparently been on the road long enough to where his graphics card has become overtaxed, and he’s unable to completely load many of the textures for his shoots now.

Shortly after the junction with the bunny, the road becomes unpaved and unimproved once more, leading him once again gradually upwards into the granite highlands. The below shot was taken just after Baker reaches a top height of the ridge, at about 95 meters (Banyan and Immintel sims). The top is also notable for the numerous trees clogging the protected passage as it continues west. But both Baker and I like them here; not all protected roads have to be paved or even cleared IOHO.

A city in Rosewood, where Baker finally had to stop for the night. The statue an exhausted Baker stares at below, situated in the city’s central square, is that of its founder, one Buford P. Slum.

I’ll continue all this after a good day’s rest!


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