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To Blackmount, 01 February 13, 2010

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Baker starts at the Edwardston Station Gallery in Pudding Hill and bikes north. Intended goal: Blackmount Sink. He doesn’t quite make it but he at least gets close.

Below shows view into Big Sink from near northwest corner of Pudding Hill. This would be looking down into the now empty lands of Craggen Maw.

Then not far away, in Wetas, Baker finds the Blue Rose Investigations team’s home base. Unfortunately the land is not accessible to such an advertised establishment, perhaps itself a blue rose mystery (!)

I couldn’t help but take a peak inside the Team BRI headquarters. More blue on their computer screen, but water instead of plant.

And we know from the Big Sink code* that blue rose is code itself for Blue Orchid by the White Stripes. In the song, the phrase “you took a white orchid and turned it blue” is repeated several times, including at the end where the song dramatically cuts off after the last “blue.”**

I’ll have to remember to ask Hucka D. about Team BRI, then.

And while in the area, Baker had to check on the “Wild Bills”, two steaming bullets named Bill found his Big Sink roamings about a month ago, I suppose. Still there, along with the perhaps mysterious green cone and accompanying pink pig surrounded by pink particle effects. Baker’s almost positive this tableau has something to do with Hucka D.’s repeated reference to The Bill in this blog.

Ahhh… as Karoz is checking behind Baker’s exploring from the other day, he’s finding that teleporting directly into the related parcel, “Leaves of Light,” brings him to a beautiful skybox cathedral. I promise to send Baker Bloch back here asap for more reporting!

Yet another establishment in Wetas, and another skybox. Since this is abandonded land accoring to the parcel description, Baker decides to head inside for a spell. Nice view, but not his style of hangout.

Standing on the pink pig…

… before leaving Wetas after crossing a 4096 parcel owned by the great Felix Meritis, owner of the Lill Burn Valley sink. In the Arrowtown sim now (below), Baker bikes beside an outlying structure of his vast monestary complex. That should be the subject of a whole ‘nother set of blog posts, really. Soon!

Lill Burn Valley from Arrowtown.


* I’ll explain more about the Big Sink code soon in this blog.
** The related video, called the 13th scariest video of all time in a Yahoo! poll, can be found here.


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