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Nascera Expansion, 04 February 7, 2010

Filed under: Beetles, The,Lemmon,Marty,Nascera Continent — baker Blinker @ 5:26 pm

Newest picture of the Nascera continent expansion. Already it is quickly approaching the size of the smallest, present continents of Gaeta and Heterocera. For now, you can still clearly see the square extent of the original 64, now making up considerably less than half the total land.

And Baker was super pleased to see that whole sims have still been set aside in new development as buffering park regions, just as was the case with the original 64.

Moving to the southern part of the continent now, we have expansion in this direction of the fantasy themed region. The below ridge butts directly up against the west side of the old 64.

Interesting terrain just south of the channel running through the fantasy region, below the Bluebells sim. As of this writing, none of the new sims have specific names, nor can you teleport directly to them. Instead I, or Baker Bloch, had to teleport into the original 64 and fly into the newer regions.

While at the above location, Baker spotted an avatar hovering between two jagged hills directly in front of him, and decided, just out of curiosity, to see who it was. There weren’t many avatars in the new regions, and I think Baker had only encountered a couple of moles so far, busy making adjustments.

He focused in, and lo and behold the avatar turned out to be a JohnnyMac Lemmon, making Baker actually gasp at the time. Why the surprise? Well, it’s obviously a kind of mashup of names John Lennon and McCartney, and reference to these two names had *just appeared* on the cover of the newly minted second edition of Sunklands Today, a picture of which actually appears just beneath the photo below (if you’re viewing the blog from the home page). The specific reference is “What Marty Said; Lemon = Lennon?”. Marty, to remind regular readers, is a former spirit guide of the blog referred to as a Paul McCartney variant, with the name Marty being derived from an edited version of the letters of Paul’s surname. The name Lemon in this blog, according to Marty and perhaps Hucka D., refers directly, in turn, to John Lennon. Anyway, here with JohnnyMac Lemon, we have a eerily similar mashup of names McCartney and Lennon; hope you can grasp that queerness at least a bit. 🙂

Despite advertising himself as friendly and inviting others to say hi to him, Baker Bloch balked at direct contact. Best, he thought, just to take a picture and allow the associations to unfold within the blog.

Additional note: Mr. Lemmon apparently is staring directly toward the Bluebells/Corrigan ruins complex.


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