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Tough, tough… February 4, 2010

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“Fork in the road. Why are you crying? Oh, you’re laughing. Well, you must realize, then, you have two weeks. And this is, after all, virtual property we’re talking about.”

Plant (speaking to Hucka D. while Hucka D. listens to bb reply to him over the phone):

I miss Sunklands, Bee.

Hucka D. (pulling the phone away from his head; bb still yammering on):

Your role is done. Marty surrounds. baker b. knows that Big Sink is not the be all end all. He is treading exactly the same path as you did. Up till now. He will carry on in a true central way with the Blue Feather Gallery. He is establishing — or re-establishing the true heart of Sunklands.

(But Plant had vanished in the meantime. Hucka D. looks around and then puts the phone back to his head.)

bb (on the phone):

(pause) Hucka D.? (pause)

Hucka D. (hesitantly):

I am here. Had to get a beer.


Sounds like you were talking to someone.

Hucka D.:

No one. No one is here.


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