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Tough, tough… February 4, 2010

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“Fork in the road. Why are you crying? Oh, you’re laughing. Well, you must realize, then, you have two weeks. And this is, after all, virtual property we’re talking about.”

Plant (speaking to Hucka D. while Hucka D. listens to bb reply to him over the phone):

I miss Sunklands, Bee.

Hucka D. (pulling the phone away from his head; bb still yammering on):

Your role is done. Marty surrounds. baker b. knows that Big Sink is not the be all end all. He is treading exactly the same path as you did. Up till now. He will carry on in a true central way with the Blue Feather Gallery. He is establishing — or re-establishing the true heart of Sunklands.

(But Plant had vanished in the meantime. Hucka D. looks around and then puts the phone back to his head.)

bb (on the phone):

(pause) Hucka D.? (pause)

Hucka D. (hesitantly):

I am here. Had to get a beer.


Sounds like you were talking to someone.

Hucka D.:

No one. No one is here.


Speaking of grass…

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Baker bikes in Yeot again, near Floaty Pool.

But he soon bores of this area for some reason, and decides to switch back to Sunklands to explore the re-invested Aotearoa neighborhood once more. His plan:

… bike to Second Sink (alternately: Oolamoo-Drews Sink) and wing it from there. Below he passes the east end of Second Sink, watching a well dressed dancing pair from above. This would be on a lakeside platform in the Roseheart community, a place Baker lived for about a month last year. Beautiful place; highly recommended as a rental company. Go here to check it all out.

More huge tracts of abandoned Jeogeot land, this time in Arang just east of Second Sink, and probably outside Sunklands proper now.

Baker keeps heading south from Route 10, eventually reaching the beautiful shoreline of the south coast here. He’s pretty impressed. I believe this is in Wallaroo. Technically, this would probably make up a southern bay of Jeogeot, a stubbier counterpart to the considerably longer Korean Channel to the north. And another, slightly smaller such bay lies not far northwest of Yeot, in the northern part of the continent. Just to be complete about things here.

Mysterious grass manifesting on the bottom of the bay. Owner probably didn’t mean to leave it here, but who knows in Second Life.

I thought I’d take a picture of this “artificial” beach as Baker Bloch is running across it (we’re still somewhere on the southern bay), just to give an example of something that Blochs himself would never purchase. He likes natural terrain. He’s also not too fond of artificial waves on the water, nor the artificial coloring of same (more green instead of its natural blue, for instance). I suppose Baker’s a bit of a traditionalist in that way. You need to know — in his opinion again — when to stop decorating as well as when to start. Always get a lay of the land you own/rent by reverting the terrain to its natural state first. Then you can begin to experiment. Planting Linden trees and such at first helps to heal the land of perhaps former abuse. Make sure you also don’t overdo the waterfalls and streams; water doesn’t have to be *everywhere* on your property.

End of spiel…

Interesting 100+ prim sculpture encountered on the beach a little later on. I personally don’t see much use in any object that’s over about 20-25 prims. Over a 100 is often just plain foolish if you don’t own a whole lot of land.

My I’m full of opinions in this post!

My journey that night ended on a strange island in the middle of the vast Second Life archipelago beyond the mainland, a place Baker doesn’t visit nearly as much as he use to. The island’s called The Garden of Eden, which Blochs was prompted to investigate due to its owner showing up on the porch of his Sunklands Central house in Aotearoa yesterday, while he was working on a teleporter script. His name: Adam [delete names]. I didn’t speak to the man (avatar), but when he kept walking down the road (fairly unusual in itself), I remembered who he was: he was the guy who was writing the mysterious book I found on an Otherland walk last year, and who sent me up in a rocket to what turned out to be the “Moon” of Otherland, which would lead me to a lot of other things, including an actual sim called “The Moon” which has been repeatedly discussed now in this blog. You can search for the appropriate keywords I mention here to find more discussion about all this.

I didn’t find the mystery book again, as I had hoped, but I did find the below, central structure for the small, tropical island, which looks like some kind of chapel.

Oh yeah, that’s more grass in the below picture, marijuana style this time. 🙂

Is this the center of some sort of pot worshiping religion? Perhaps so. Probably should go back sometime.