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Thoughts… February 1, 2010

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The choice between keeping the Aotearoa property and giving it up now may be the hardest land decision I’ve had to make in Second Life so far. It’s going to be really, really tough to delete the brand new Blue Feather Gallery if I go the first route.

So more thoughts: If I give up Aotearoa I won’t have to let go of the 1024 on Yd Island. But what’s left there, except maybe the SID’s 1st Oz related interview? (more on that soon!) Well, perhaps better to *have* these decisions to make than not knowing what you’re missing. I guess.

Maybe make a Yd Island memorial in Aotearoa with my extra prims there. Maybe in the Victorian house or the slum apts. That might be a further way to justify keeping Aotearoa.

It’s almost like the sim has reacted against the progress made in Pudding Hill (maximum usage for minimum land) with its own progress (Blue Feather Gallery — notch up from even Big E Gallery there, and certainly better way to display my collages and also Edna’s photographs).

So let me break this down even further…

Benefits for keeping Aotearoa 7680:

* Blue Feather Gallery. As I said, nicest gallery yet, most likely, for the display of the 10×10 collages and also, in a lesser way, Edna’s photographs. A step up from Big E Gallery in Aotearoa in this way. *Overall* I can’t say I like the Blue Feather Gallery better than the Big E Gallery and the latter’s zaniness and complexity. BFG is not as complex, although it’s pretty complex as far as SL galleries go, even. One of the ideas about SL galleries is that you make the layout simple enough so that visitor’s won’t loose attention and rather quickly teleport away. Big E Gallery — yeah, it’s too complex in this manner; Blue Feather Gallery — not as much, and maybe just the right level of baroqueness for what’s being displayed. Plus the BFG, although a prim hog, doesn’t use as many prims as the Big E before it, leaving me room for the creation of a new, edited down Big E just below the Blue Feather Gallery. As of today, I’ve merged the “Down The Rabbit Hole” exhibit directly *into* the Big E. In other words, I physically moved the tube and part of the rooms housing this exhibit in the Edwardston Station Gallery tube over to the Big E.

Insert example picture here.

Perhaps if I stayed exclusively in Big Sink then I would loose appreciation of the other sinks — Aotearoa obviously (since I’d have to give the property up), but also nearby Otaki Gorge (which also seems to be reacting against Pudding Hill in league with Aotearoa, whatever that really means), and also Second Sink and Blackmount Sink and Lill Burn Valley. Aotearoa is more in the middle of all these. Especially thinking that Second Sink may be neglected. Sunklands is more than just Big Sink.

That could be the title of the second reason for staying in Aotearoa:

* Sunklands is more than just Big Sink.

Then conversely, why I should get rid of Aotearoa?:

* cheaper property.
I could really downsize in SL if I simply stayed in Pudding Hill and gave up Aotearoa. But my thoughts are that I’d acquire at least a 4096 soon enough and start the building again. Why not stick with the Blue Feather Gallery that I have, since it seems to fit the collection so well?

* can keep 3 properties instead of 1 or 2 in Pudding Hill, and also keep Yd Island property and ability to rent elsewhere, like I’m presently doing in Mogwa. I seem to be tied more and more to Sunklands, which may not be a bad thing. Yd Island is also tied to the Mmmmmm’s homeground and Herman Park as a whole now. Kou has his fabulous Meddledown property on the other side of the island (another “balance”), and right next to Tickles and Bites gallery. Also the fact that I got the *module* used for the brand new Blue Feather Gallery from the only other Yd Island gallery owner (Weston Graves) also seems significant.


Let’s write more about Yd Island, then. The Macro-Hole is balance and somehow deenergized (in it’s “Vileness”) by the Micro-Hole. 4-4-2 balanced by 4-2-2, with the missing “2” here in the Micro-Hole directly assoc. with the birth of Sapphire, supposedly, on Yd Island.

Yd Island as substitute for now dissolved/broken apart Azure Island #1, my first virtual home. Still makes me sad (!) But is it really? I think Sapphire wants to say: yes, it is.

Yd Island seems entwined with the new continent of Nascera, based presently on an 8×8 grid. It has been explained (Hucka D.?) that the Vileness fish is the same as the giant, named catfish roaming the upper Nascera channel, 1 for each sim it passes through. 3-n-1, then?

Key places on Yd Island: Rabbit Head (obviously), my 1024 there on edge of Villeneuve Forest, Villeneuve Forest and megalithic site and castle torret (assoc. with The Bill), Crespo Knoll (Crespo Noll?), Macro-Hole and balancing Micro-Hole, Weston’s gallery and garden, Kou’s Meddledown complex, Tickles and Bites, glyphs of The Measure. Less imp. places: Bikertown… (pause).


I was born on that island. I am Sapphire. I am the 2 separated from the 10. Mmmmmm’s are coming. Eonground in real life. Einsky. You will give up the 3rd parcel in Pudding Hill. You will have the 2 ways to display the 10×10 in the Edwardston Station Gallery, Pudding Hill, and the Blue Feather Gallery, Aotearoa. You will *keep* Yd Island parcel. You will *not* rent anywhere else without giving up something in return. You will created a Yd Island museum. You will begin making new collages. Makemake. Create/make… Make/make. Maken. Meddledown, Meddletown. Ummagumma. Psychogumma. Alabama. I am Alma, I am Sapphire.


Thank you Sapphire. (pause) I think I should study the Quadrobeavs again and their strange ritual of removing their hair to become like unto eggs, like Easter Eggs. Rabbit-style. Hare…


Carrcass-4 is coming and I am a guiding spirit. To do so correctly (implement) you must keep a foothold on Yd Island. It is the new Azure Island. I am Sapphire.


So lemme get this straight, Sapphire, if you have a moment. Yd Island, according to Hucka D. and maybe yourself — can’t remember — is the *oldest* of the old part of Second Life. Older than Maebaleia even. So old it existed in Roman times, before the first game of Trivia Ratsuit delayed the creation of virtual reality for another 2000 years and turned Constantinople (eventually) into the inconsequential Istanbul that we know today. Yd Island must be assoc. with Pieland, then.


Resurfacing. Here’s Hucka D.

Hucka D.:

Study Yd Island. Goodnight!


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