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*Up*dates: Galleries, Etc. January 26, 2010

Think I’ve basically finished the Sunklands Central project I’ve been trying to wrap my brain around. Here’s the deal: essentially I’ve re-created the Victorian house setting on Big Island in the Comet Archipelago, starting with the portrait hangings of both Lord Chancellor Chesaw (in the most prominent place in the house) and his ne’er-do-well twin brother Chancellor Lord Saw-che (in the least prominent place), the two rivals in the ultra-important, second game of Trivia Ratsuit ever played — and last to date as well — that supposedly jump started the creation of virtual reality in our time.

But let’s start outside with a sign marking the historic site within Sunklands.

This is the new twist: the Victorian house was actually *flown* to this new location from Big Island, perhaps via a massive amount of balloons but perhaps not. But the parallel with the inspirational movie Up is implicit still, if reversed. I’ll just copy the contents of the notecard that accompanies the Sunklands historic sign or marker:

The Disney-Pixar movie Up kind of had it backwards. The archetypal HOME was actually moved from what others might see as a paradisiacal setting to a empty plot surrounded on 3 sides by urban megaprims.

Sunklands Central is a relic from a past time paradise, planted in the heart of Big Sink as a seed. The past is tropical Big Island in Azure Islands’ Comet Archipelago. The present is largely barren but full-of-potential Big Sink in Sunklands on the Jeogeot continent. The future is…

Now I may tweak that notecard some more, but the core idea seems pretty solid. The Victorian house from Up pictured in the sign is in a rather remarkably similar setting just before its ascent into the sky through the aforementioned massive number of balloons (Karl, the surviving family member, use to sell balloons for a living… just go along with it). Like the similar sized Victorian house in Sunklands, it too is surrounded by urban “megaprims”, not even having trees on one side for relief. Here’s a relative, overhead shot of Sunklands Central.

I couldn’t find the exact scene from the Up movie that would best compare with the above shot, but viewers of the already famous 2009 movie probably know the one I’m talking about, and you still get the basic idea from the still I did find online.

Leaving that queer idea alone for a time, let’s move inside the house now. Chesaw’s directly front and center as we walk in the main door. That’s Max the cat-turtle to the right, and a table with one of Chesaw’s famous pies on it to the left, along with some maps of Big Island.

Upstairs are more detailed scenes from Big Island, including Baker Bloch sitting beside what I’m now calling the Pie Hole of Big Island, with a Tron video arcade positioned on top of the ancient passage as a sign of warning — so the story goes. Just for the record, Chancellor Lord Saw-che’s portrait is around the corner of the wall in front of the hobo bed, in a least prominent position in the house as I said, and hung askew as well.

Baker in his viewing chair atop the house. He most definitely feels centered here, perhaps more than ever before, anywhere, in Second Life. I can’t see giving up this particular parcel — certainly could be wrong, though.

Then moving to other updates, I think the “Down The Rabbit Hole” exhibit within the Edwardston Station Gallery cube might be essentially finished as well. Each picture now contains accompanying text that you can access by mousing over it. I now have some new ideas about the Rabbit Hole and Jeogeot-Maebaleia relationship concerning The Bill. I’ve also renamed Peter of Sunklands “Peter The Good” (not Great, just Good… just good enough).

And I believe the new, pared down Big E Gallery is sort of finished, or at least I’ve almost run out of prims to work with for now. Baker below sits in front of two of Edna’s photographs from her Ruins in the Woods exhibit, formerly housed in the Gallery at the Temple of TILE. There’s also her Ozland pictures from same inside the Big E Gallery now.

Lastly I opened a small gallery or shop in Pine Tree Village (originally called X-ville in this blog) called “Where Are We On That?” and offering the 4 collages featured in the archived exhibit from last year, along with several other related SL photographs and a link to the just completed web site.


2 Responses to “*Up*dates: Galleries, Etc.”

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  2. […] “Deserted Crossroad” also by Darwin. I believe this use to be the center of what I called X-ville in the Baker Blinker Blog, officially known as Pine Tree Village and where I had a small gallery at one time. […]

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