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Big Sink, Center January 25, 2010

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In hiking around the new neighborhood, waltzed into a mall area in the northwest corner of Kakapo (sim immediately east of Pudding Hill) to find a small gallery run by the avatar who created the sculpture rotating just across the street from my Victorian house: sambroxton String, or, here, just Sam Broxton. Now as I’m checking today, I’m seeing that Sam Broxton is a RL name for this virtual artist:

Now I haven’t mentioned it before in this blog I don’t think, but the Broxton sculpture across the road from me is on land owned by Debi Dastardly, who also created a large farm just up the hill. In checking, it looks like Debi owns maybe 1/2 of the sim of Busby; Broxton’s sculpture lies near the northeast corner of this sim.

There’s also a bit more forest on the slopes of north Busby, also owned by Ms. Dastardly. Some abandoned structures of Craggen Maw are to the right here.

View of Broxton sculpture and Sunklands Central, once again. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this either, but the small pine forest in front of my house is actually in yet another sim, Brouwer (remembering that my Victorian house is located close to the meeting of 4 sims: Brouwer, Pudding Hill, Craggen Maw, and Busby), and owned by Mjolnir Uriza, proprietor of the Hammer of the Gods jewelry store also in Brouwer.

“Strange that I haven’t noticed this cigar shaped amorphous object right in front of my house before,” Baker Bloch thinks. Well, I think this through Baker Bloch. I mean, I must have looked past it a dozen times. Also owned by Ms. Uriza. Hidden meaning?


In accidentally falling out of the Edwardston Station Gallery due to lag one night, I landed on the ground closer to the east edge of my sim, and decided to investigate some buildings over in that direction that I hadn’t taken a close look at before. Well, one turned out to be a new, multi-story gallery by none other than Sambroxton String, and in the same sim as my galleries (!) I was quite excited by this, and decided to take a couple more pictures of his art within. It’s not quite open yet, and I suppose this is the reason he’s banning access to the structure.

The top of Broxton’s Pudding Hill gallery-in-progress in relation to my 2 Pudding Hill skybox galleries; a duplicate of his sculpture just in front of my Sunklands Central Victorian house is positioned exactly between the two.



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Still a little confused what pictures should go in which gallery. Obviously the 10×10 is in the cube version of the Edwardston Station Gallery. And I think I basically have the right pictures in the new “Down The Rabbit Hole” exhibit that’s within this cube now — well, mostly (within the cube, I mean, since the tube itself and the couple of pictures inside are just outside).This leaves Sunklands Central and the new Big E Gallery. I’ve now hung Edna’s Ruins in the Woods photos as well as some of her newer Ozland shots in the Big E Gallery, in the various chambers outside the E itself. The pictures that were exhibited in the Something To Chro About version of the Big E exhibit (“e, a letter of stories”) are still present. One of the problems is that the bottom floor of pictures are duplicating those in the lowest floor of the Sunklands Central house. Do I need duplicates?


The old Big E Gallery in Aotearoa is no more, the remainder having been torn down yesterday.

Big E Gallery in Aotearoa being carefully deleted in sections.
What I needed to make sure of is that all the various exhibits within were “taken care of”. A new Sunklands story is developing…



Actually I had an idea. Instead of a type of information center I could recreate what the Victorian house looked like on Big Island in the Comet Archipelago (!) Yes, I think this is the road I’ll take. So I’ll put the table with the pie on it, the picture of the turte-cat, the Pieland picture (SL version), the Chesaw and Saw-chee portraits, and some of the other stuff.