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“Where Are We On That?”: The Story of 4 Zip 5 Avatars, 1 in Spirit January 22, 2010

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After months and months and months, *finally* have added the pictures to the web posts for this exhibit that ran in my Healy gallery (“Something To CHRO About”) from mid-April to mid-June last year. Admittedly, it’s still probably the best, short introduction to the subjects of this blog. Enjoy!

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5 Responses to ““Where Are We On That?”: The Story of 4 Zip 5 Avatars, 1 in Spirit”

  1. […] of the movement process is finishing the web version of this exhibit, which I’ve now done. See here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Big E Gallery — Creating More SpaceReview: Big E […]

  2. […] Lastly I opened a small gallery or shop in Pine Tree Village (originally called X-ville in this blog) called “Where Are We On That?” and offering the 4 collages featured in the archived exhibit from last year, along with several other related SL photographs and a link to the just completed web site. […]

  3. […] exhibit as well. So that’s 3 old exhibits now fused into one through this gallery (‘Where are we on that?”, “E, A Letter of Stories”, and […]

  4. […] of avatars we had: Baker Bloch, Hucka Doobie, Esbum Michigan, Wilsonia Foxclaw, and then myself. A chapter was formed for each. Mine is here. But Karoz Blogger is Jeogeotine through and through, and thus beyond the original […]

  5. […] Let’s see, now we have Wilsonia, the 4th avatar. I’m just reviewing the chapters of “Where are We on That?…” in […]

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