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Jeogeot North, 02 January 17, 2010

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On the same night, Baker heads further north across the wastelands surrounding the 2 Eunheung structures already visited to reach two isolated mountains of about equal height in Sooseunhwa…

… and Gundeulbawe.

On the west side of the latter mountain was found a curious, dry waterfall with a number of differently colored, large boulders beside it.

Baker almost immediately recognizes a similarity with Cam Spout and nearby Sampson’s Rocks of England’s Lake District, since his user incorporated pictures of this waterfall in several of his 10×10 collages (found in the Edwardston Station Gallery), namely collages 08 and 09 of the Newton series.

The water here simply stops near the top of the rock that should back a waterfall.

The water near the bottom of the dry falls is strangely much bluer than the rapidly flowing lavender shaded water coming from the top.

But then past the pond, it resumes its former lavender color and rapid flow.

Also near the dry waterfall, and owned by the same group (Emerald Vision, with the land name being Emerald Center — again curiously, similar to Sapphire), is Ro Sheen’s Coffee House.

Baker can see hanging here sometimes.

Another mountain a bit further north reached the same night — actually more of a ridge. But Baker decides to save exploration for another time, having enough to absorb already from his trip.


2 Responses to “Jeogeot North, 02”

  1. […] on the correct side of the waterfall according to the Sampson’s Stones/Cam Spout alignment. See here. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Loose Thoughts…Tired…? Maybe not.Loose […]

  2. […] so, again, then the dry waterfall on the Emerald Center properties with the obvious parallel to the Sampson’s Stones must also be factored in. […]

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