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Jeogeot North, 01 January 17, 2010

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Strange farmhouse (I think) found in Eunhaeng, a couple of sims north of my new Mogwa rental unit and reached quite quickly by Baker via biking up Route 9. Since I’ve taken these pictures, much more talk about this farmhouse and accompanying treehouse nearby have been generated for this blog. See here for some of Hucka D.’s more recent thoughts on the subject. In short, he’s claiming that the farmhouse — perhaps both the treehouse and the farmhouse (there’s also been discussion or hints that the 2 structures are actually 1 structure somehow!) — use to be owned by the famed Ruuster, who may be the same as The Bill.

Moving on… we’ll get to all that soon enough!

A single bookcase exists in the farmhouse, with titles on the binder in another language than English. Korean, perhaps? Hucka D./Sapphire have since stated that the true nature of the books here are purposely masked, perhaps by Ruuster himself.

Then in the treehouse right next door, Baker finds oodles of books whose titles *can* be read, and are all classics of the English language.

A look north over more wastelands. In fact, Sapphire has taken to call this region the Wastelands of eastern Jeogeot. Confusing, perhaps, since SL already has a famous Wastelands.

Baker sits on a bench beside a small pool at the base of the treehouse.


4 Responses to “Jeogeot North, 01”

  1. […] 2 real structures left in Eunhaeng, one with books that can’t be read and the second having books that can. You better get some rest. Thanks and good night. Sapphire will show up tomorrow or the day after. […]

  2. Virtual Neko Says:

    Well hey, thanks for the thoughtful link to my Wastelands story, and what a pleasant surprise to discover your blog! I’d be honored to be included in your bloglist, if you feel so inclined… 🙂

  3. No problem. Amazing the power of pinkbacks! 🙂

  4. […] is no parallel to Bridee, your mother’s house, unless you want to count the new finds in Eunhaeng, as you probably […]

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