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Mogwa Base… January 16, 2010

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More strong evidence of the presence of The Bill in Crabwoo and general Maebaleia Lake District area, this time in the form of a Howl’s Moving Castle just complete enough presently to show one of its chicken/rooster-like legs.

What the creator is hoping the final product will look like…

Peter’s Mound again at sunrise.

Some shots of my new Mogwa neighborhood at the Muse Village.

Looking back on my “Kittlesen Apt.” from across the compound.

Abandoned greenhouse found nearby.

Fish pond with koi. Quite nice. I can see staying at the Muse Village for at least another week or two, hehe.

Then in biking south on nearby Route 9 (proximity to this road is one reason I decided to rent there), found this “ponygirl” stuck on the side of the road. I thought this odd, because I’d gone up this road about an hour before and she was already stuck at the same place.

Also near my Mogwa apartment is one of the numerous galleries owned by avatar Earl Dinkin in Second Life, this time focusing on participatory art tableaux at the bottom of a natural lake in Masan. This one is called Everything For The Complete Space Traveler; I plan to visit this space again soon — preliminary pics for now.