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Thoughts… January 14, 2010

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Work on the idea that the Joplin seed formerly within Big Sink is actually the Sirian alien creature called Brainard. Brought from Rubisea by The Bakers still. Big Sink allowed it to be trapped. Peter created Big Sink just for this purpose, or allowed the (Sunklands) incident/catastrophe to happen. But Brainard (= manifestation of God) got out of hand.

Brainard: “I am the true form of The Wizard.”

Brainard hated POLK? POLK was entrapment in Sunklands, mainly Big Sink then, but perhaps the others as well, especially the closest, Aotearoa. Lill Burn Valley? Otaki Gorge? Brainard may also have been placed inside the Oolamoo-Drews sink for a while. POLK was a symbol of the incident, cutting diagonally across the western face of Jeogeot to created Big Sink and Sunklands as a whole.

Brainard is the same as The Rainbow Sphere. He is, in that way, indeed the true form of The Wizard. He is much like the false Wizard head of the Oz movie, except he is true, not false. Real, not fake.

Brainard was assoc. with both a marble and a golf ball. Somehow he created the hole in the center of Big Sink and used it to escape from his Second Lyfe. 9th hole, or 18th (he dropped down it).

I don’t think there may be a lot more to Maebaleia… it is a sort of watered down version of the more thought out and original Jeogeot, a cheaper copy (like Dark Side of the Yellow Submarine to Dark Side of the Rainbow). Poor Man’s Jeogeot. Still, again, it has its unique qualities certainly, like the Blue Feather Sea and the twinning with Rubisea itself, the seed. I believe there will be other stories involving perhaps not the Blue Feather Lake District, but several lakes on the eastern side of the continent. Let me go inworld and take a picture of something that recently interested me in the sim of Kailash (see end of post).*

There was no real place to keep the Brainard ball/head on Maebaleia, so they, The Bakers, witih Hucka Doobie in tow as a purple/black alien woman, had to move to Big Sink. The sink (sinks) was created just for this purpose in olden days.

Another thought: perhaps Brainard lived there a very long time ago, and The Bakers just found this out when they moved to Big Sink. Brainard, one time, had gotten up just enough steam to roll from Big Sink to neighboring Aotearoa, where he was trapped (died?). Were there more than one Brainards in Sunklands? Even one for each hole, perhaps? Hole equals “whole” (reality for each Brainard)?

Brainard is a living seed that does *not* want to be planted to become the tree he should be. He has a choice to remain this seed, and he does everything in his power to do so. Again, he is a direct manifestation of God, according to him anyway.

Brainard may also control the weather, making everything cold if he wishes and turning the fair skinned human avatars a chilled blue.

A religion, um, sprouts up around him. Brainard is a God, perhaps The God, and thus *can’t* be planted and become something else. He is Uroborous, Beginning and End. He controls The Weather (Ray of Darkness, and, inside of that, Away The Ray?).**

(Did St. Lemon send Brainard to Jeogeot to punish them for their naked sins??)

(If so, St. Lemon only did this when Jeogeot began to “round the lower edge of the Korean Channel” during its formation in 2006-2007. Before, Jeogeot was the sole possession of Sapphire/Alma; it was only its whole, eastern version then. The slow formation of Jeogeot insured that it would remain pure and uncorrupt. Unforunately, the rounding of the Korean Channel (future) changed events.)

A second seed, not living like Brainard this time, is used to create the Oracle Tree of Chilbo (?) (If so, this would have been a correction made by Sapphire/Alma.)

(The Rift was formed to protect uncorrupted east side from corrupted west side now well past the lower edge of KC. It flaunted its assoc. with KC. Second Life later became assoc. with Kansas City Life because of this. Two minute hole. The Rift is the same as the Mayland creation of the Toothpick River, isolating the Altana Valley and *that* Brainard. It may have begun at Peru/Brazil (seed). It may be the same thing as the Eel River, one from two.)

The Bill were sent in to correct the error of Brainard remaining corporeal itself and not sacrificing itself to the greater Tree. They came in spaceships from a different star system. This is the true meaning of Magellan Linden stating on the Elderglen note to send him The Bill (for breaking the Nascera transporter at the 8th rock). He meant only The Bill could repair it since they created it, or else he had to own up to The Bill for breaking it (and no one else). The Bill also created the directly related Villeneuve transporter next to the Rabbit Head there on Yd Island, as seen in the Elderglen-Villeneuve twinning.

The Bill and Elderglen are associable through Glen Elder, Kansas, near one of the most amazing springs in the World now submerged under the Waconda Lake formed by damming the Solomon River. It was called Waconda Springs. **

Wakonda was the beautiful daughter of an Indian chief. From the beginning, the elders of the tribe knew it was unwise for the chief to name his daughter after a god, which is what they considered the spring to be. As Wakonda grew older, she liked to wander the countryside. One day she came upon an injured warrior. After a short conversation, they realized they were from enemy tribes, but that did not stop Wakonda from nursing him back to health. The warrior’s name was Takota, the son of the opposing chief. Eventually, he regained his strength and went to Wakonda’s father to ask for her hand in marriage.

Harsh words were spoken and a battle was fought around the springs. Takota was standing near the edge of the spring when one of warriors of Wakonda’s father shot an arrow that hit Takota Mortally wounded, he fell into the springs as he died. Heartbroken, Wakonda dove into the water after him calling to the gods to give back her lover. She never resurfaced. The warriors drew back in awe, and to this day it is believed that the spirit of Wakonda dwelled in the Spring, and perhaps even still in the place of its namesake–Waconda Lake.


Hucka D.:

The Bill came from the area of Rubisea, involved in R110. Rule 110 but not. Ruuster.


Why is the Maebaleia Rabbit Hole, that 1/2 of it I mean, “wrapped in plastic?”

Hucka D.:

The Maebaleia side had to be sealed so that The Hole would be forgotten. You do not need it now since teleportation is automatic across the grid, thanks to the Second Life servers.


I had to deal with Brainard as well. Thank you for bringing him to us. That’s said with sarcasm, but it was indeed a long time ago now. Years and years and years and years. And years.


Did you divide the continent?

Hucka D.:

You are getting better! (at channeling) Yes, Sapphire ruled the east, while Brainard was left with the west. The West, he called it. Sunklands was his center stage. Anger (at being “merely” a seed). Vanity (at thinking he was begin all, end all). Charm. Smarts, of course. Emotionally he had work to do, and he could only be The Tree to fulfill himself. Sapphire knew that as well. A compromise was made at Chilbo. A non-living seed would be planted there that would take the place of the tree that Brainard should have become.

The Living Seed is the missing piece you have needed for a while now. The Wizard. True, not false. But merely a head, a marble, a sphere. Rainbow. If it weren’t for Karoz… (pause)


That might be it.


* Well dang: Baker went the day after I wrote this text to add the mentioned picture and the strange looking place was gone (!). I think something is trying to keep me away from Kailash right now, due to that and other events.

**Brainard, who may be named Ray actually, was perhaps responsible for the creation of Black Earth, which may be the same as Second Lyfe itself (as opposed to Second Life). A secret organization called Ray of Darkness was formed around this belief, with a secret secret organization within called Away The Ray that wanted to do away with the weather controlling Ray and his Black Earth rule. An opposite reality, White Earth, was created to counteract Black Earth, and abet the powers of Ray (of Darkness), allowing the Temple (of Solomon) to be reinstated.


Ray about to be placed in Big Sink by the Rabbit Head Hand Of God.


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