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more Jeogeot-Maebaleia examinations, 02 January 14, 2010

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Continuing, then, from the “More Jeogeot-Maebaleia Examinations, 01” post just below, let’s now back up to the 05-01-2007 SL mainland situation and do a side-by-side comparison between the just completed Maebaleia continent and the also recently completed, previous continent of Jeogeot. First off, one may notice that they’re roughly the same size, and also appear to be about the same height and the same width. In fact, at this stage they are *exactly* the same number of sims high and also wide, or 43 x 36 sims to be precise. How cool is that?!

We can perhaps see this better in the below maps, where each is snugly fit into a 43×36 grid (again, thanks to Kou Umaga for his most excellent SL geography research!). Just open both larger maps in a separate window and toggle back and forth to see the equivalence for yourself.

Now, according to my counting, the total number of sims in present day Jeogeot, adding in the Korean Channel and Mos Aisley related ones, appears to be 791. The total number of sims in Maebaleia appears to be 678. More amazing stuff, seemingly: the ratio 791:678 is the same as 7:6 (!), with the common denominator of each number being 113, the 30th prime number (791/7 = 113, 678/7 = 113).

Gotta repeat it: how cool *is* that!?*

CORRECTION (1/26/10): Thanks to Kou Umaga’s diligent research *once again*, I realized I had counted the Jeogeot sims up wrong and that they actually number 776 and not the 791 I give here. But in rechecking I think my total for Maebaleia is correct, at 678. So do these new totals take away all the mystery here? Well, there’s certainly the same 43×36 grid to deal with, and that’s the most major thing, along with the similar shapes of each. I’ll keep crunching the numbers when I get inspiration, though.


OK, so in this blog last summer, I already created a rather in-depth study regarding the two continents based on the idea that if you spin Maebaleia around 180 degrees and again set it side-by-side with a non-rotated Jeogeot, the shapes seem to correlate in various meaningful ways.

Speaking on this subject at the time, Hucka D. says that the continents are actually two aspects of one thing animated, representing a kind of Taijitu relationship.

Perhaps like this idea, then:

And at the time I even had some strong ideas about what the two different colored dots within each half of this Taijitu-type relationship might represent, namely the very real and influential community of Chilbo for Jeogeot, and the largely imaginary community of Crabwoo for Maebaleia, a kind of psychic reflection of Chilbo. A detailed discussion of this subject is found here.

Indeed, on the updated maps below, as framed within the same 36×43 grid, we can understand that, yes, the two communities (shaded in yellow above), while not actually overlapping in the relationship, do share a common sim border, and form an L shaped association of sims when their respective 2 sim cores are joined.

Toggle between here and here to better see what I’m getting at.

And then there’s the awfully weird Rabbit Holes of each continent to deal with. On the above map again, I mark the sims where these holes are found on each continent in white. The two sims — Blackmount for Jeogeot and Ulyanovsk Oblast for Maebaleia — don’t overlap in this case, but there may be a hidden, geomantic relationship still. I’m working on it.

To be continued…


* To make this a little odder, I’ve already mentioned the ratio 7:6 in this blog in reference to the areas of bordering Frank and Herman Parks in RL. I have a feeling I’m now going to directly compare the two 7:6 relationships, RL with SL. Note: see bolded correction in main body of post above.


9 Responses to “more Jeogeot-Maebaleia examinations, 02”

  1. He Mr. Kou Umaga!

    Yes, I’m familiar with the Taijiti but not all its ins and outs. I’ve mentioned it a number of times in the blog. I know it stands basically for a balance of yin and yang, or male and female energies. Here I apply it to what I perceive to be a twinship between Jeogeot and Maebaleia (or in your terms Satori). But I certainly could be wrong. 🙂

    To give another example, about a year ago I found that these two parrots of a collage I completed at the time also represented the two parts of the Taijiti.

    Come to think of it, the parrots may stand for Jeogeot and Maebaleia/Satori as well. 😮

    On the zodiac related comment, here in the West we are familiar with the Chinese zodiac and I’ll check to see if the Japanese zodiac is the same. Looks like it might be.

    Comment any time!

  2. Sorry, should have writtenTajiti as Taijitu above.

  3. kou Umaga Says:

    Hello Mr.baker Blinker

    do not worry. Np 🙂

    Maebaleia is Portuguese. Mae = Mother , baleia = Whale.
    Some people say the parents whale(Mother & Child)

    Satori is Japanese Buddhism.

    You do a very difficult study.
    I deserve respect. 🙂

  4. baker Says:


    Thanks for the reply. We have an English wikia that covers some of these topics.

    Looks like the Japanese counterpart wiki may be more thorough (?)

  5. baker Says:

    “You do a very difficult study.
    I deserve respect.”

    Right, he he. At the same time as I’m replying to you here I’m also attempting replies to another Japanese blogger. Interesting stereoscopic effect (as I was describing it to an English friend). Google language translator is *very* frustrating. Presently, your blog is mostly unreadable using it, as Nish Mip has pointed out as well.

    But I’m certainly enjoying looking at your pictures, and I know enough of the locations to get a basic idea of what you’re on about — at times.

    Speaking of Nish, looks like she just posted one of her huge documents, with the main subject being rabbits. Fascinating how she found you on Heterocera by “accident” after learning of you though my blog (!)

    At the same time, I’ve been dealing with rabbits a lot. I’ll leave you with some pictures and related post links.


    Rabbit Head in the Ratzenberger sim of Yd Island (Yd Island is my name for the island that Meddledown sim forms a part of ).

    Also, btw: I created a fictional couple who lived in Meddledown before I knew you had your second home there in SL.

    The Rabbit Holes of both Jeogeot and Maebaleia/Satori.
    You can’t teleport directly to either one, I don’t believe. But you should also be able to find them on your own if you or others are curious.

    A week ago or so, created a small exhibit in one of my galleries called Down The Rabbit Hole, based partly on these holes.

    More recently, some interesting coincidences have arisen about what I call in the blog Peter’s Mound or Pete’s Mound, with new, variant names of Petemond and, even more distant, Piedmont (degenerations). The mound represents a burial place for a rabbit, perhaps a rabbit avatar, I speculated several months ago. The idea of the dogu (goggled goddess, perhaps an Ancient Astronaut) is in the mix now as well.

    A lot of these ideas are summarized still in my Wall of Ass. within another of my small galleries dotting the Sunklands landscape now. This post gives a lot of information about it.

    Now that’s just the rabbit subject… 🙂


    Thanks again,

  6. […] attend college there. Explains that Jeogeot and Maebaleia are actually two snapshots of one thing. Based on same grid of 36 x 43. Peter asks: well who made the Rabbit […]

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