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Chilbo Needs Korean Channel Needs Sunklands Needs Chilbo… (Reinforced) January 9, 2010

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The highest and lowest of the YEO sims are directly north and south of each other. This would be
Yeolmae (north) and Yeongheungdo south). Yeolmae almost touches northern coast of Jeogeot, just missing by less than 100 meters. Yeongheungdo *just* touches the southern coast of same, with its southeast corner barely extending into the ocean a couple of meters total.

On the below map, positions of these two north-south YEO sims are marked by an A scrabble tile (Yeolmae) and Z scrabble tile (Yeongheungdo). In-between we are able to exactly position the remaining 24 letter tiles of the English alphabet in order, since the two sims in question lie exactly 26 sims apart. In other words, 1 scrabble tile here fills the same space as 1 SL sim. To me, this relationship is meaningful, and equates the whole of Jeogeot (remember these two YEO sims basically mark the exact height of the continent along this vertical line) with our alphabet. Hucka D. has already indicated to me that this Jeogeot-alphabet(-scrabble) melding allows the link to SID’s 1st Oz to be made, with its own 26 individual “tiles”. And to TILE as well for the same reasons, falling back on the old theory that SID can be seen as the same thing as TILE.*

So finding this Jeogeot-alphabet relationship, I started playing around with inserting tiles in other places around the continent. My first thoughts were that perhaps the 5 remaining YEO sims (of 7 total) represent the 5 letters that only have 1 scrabble tile assigned to them due to their relative lack of use in writing in comparison with the others (j, k, q, x, and z). However, in experimenting further I fairly soon discovered what must be the most interesting additional relationship: the fact that the names of the 30 sims of the Korean Channel begin with all but *4* of the alphabet letters, these being c, t, v, and y.*** If we subtract the two sims lying outside the main 14×2 column making up this channel — the very similarly named Darcy’s Cove and Darcy’s Harbor — the weirdness is even tightened a bit more, since the same 22 letters appear out of *28* chances now.

I’ve simply listed out these 28 sims in alphabetic order at the end of this post to further illustrate the oddity. I would also say here that the names of the 3 additional *eastern* sims added to the Jeogeot continent at the same time as the Korean Channel, or the adjacent Quark Star, Preon Star, and the already considerably discussed Mos Ainsley, all begin with letters appearing in the Korean Channel sim names.**

I’ve also italicized the 14 sims names appearing in the left or eastern part of the 14×2 column, while leaving the remaining 14 from the right or western half without italics. This demonstrates perhaps interesting groupings or clusters of sims from each half in the alphalist (perhaps), and also the fact that each column of 14×1 contains 12 unique letters in and of themselves.

Kyat Lun
Kyun Kar

Qui Quon


* Here Hucka D. even states that the only sim removed from Jeogeot at the same time these 33 were added was named SID, although I have no proof of this and really don’t doubt that its just a symbolic gesture anyhoot.

** But I am kind of interested still in the idea of P (Preon Star) and Q (Quark Star) both sharing a border with the more famous Mos Ainsley, knowing about the expression “mind your p’s and q’s”. More on that later, perhaps, or not.

*** Maybe a relationship is implied with the 1-3-6-10 sequence of triangular numbers as outlined here. My thinking is as follows: