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Today Is Tomorrow… January 4, 2010

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“Today will be rough, Hucka D.”

Hucka D.:

To eat you must chew.


Yeot is certainly a very interesting place, Hucka D. Not sure I should live there, though.

Hucka D.:

As you have speculated, it is sort of the inversion of Sunklands, the heart. Where you live now.


And Chilbo and Korean Channel are or will be the factors that keep me in Sunklands.

Hucka D.:

Yes. Proximity. Also to Nowtown and Zen City and Sternberg and X-ville and, yes, even Y-borough. But renting in or near Yeot is certainly an option. Smaller rental.


Not the one I’m contemplating?

Hucka D.:



Hucka D., before you go I think we should talk about the new Jeogeot geomancy just unearthed.

Hucka D.:

We had to find a way to keep you on Jeogeot, and hopefully in Sunklands. This was a way. Now you have a *melding* of Jeogeot, Wazob, and SID’s 1st Oz, just like you wanted. Just like you foresaw.


I was googling mentions of SID’s 1st Oz in the blog yesterday or the day before. But you’re reinforcing to me (?) that the 26 sims making up one side of this giant Jeogeot right angle are suppose to be equated with the tiles of SID.

Hucka D.:

Correct. But Jeogeot forms SID as well as visa versa. And Noozob. You must find your correct place on Jeogeot. You cannot run away, merely, to Yd Island now. That’s what the Explorer’s Information Center was all about, and Meddletown. You found Meddletown now, the old site.



Hucka D.:

You certainly have some things to study now (!)


Yes. (pause)


I was there.


In Yeot?




As Hucka D. says, Sapphire, this right angle seems to be intended to keep me on Jeogeot. (pause) I’m going to go ahead and log off… wait, let me talk to the reader first. (pause) No, I better go inworld and poke around a bit. Thank you both.


Some additional thoughts:

The two mythic river goddesses in the southern Nascera continent channel are both representations of the queen piece on a chess board. Lower of 2 (Bluebells; no. 1 on this map) looks directly east to the Fern sim, a sim which would represent the queen in this overlap (beside King, which is Elderglen as speculated about already). The courtyard (no. 2 on map) directly west of this goddess statue also can be seen as pointing toward Fern, or reinforcing this pointing aspect. The doubling of the goddess within the river (nos. 1 and 6) emphasizes the *2* queens of a chessboard; Queen is “off its color” in Nautilus City configurations, both macro and micro (black queen of each is on white square). And even the 2 goddesses are doubled with two more goddesses (nos. 5 and 9), this time relief figures in “Sunken Shrines”, or 2d as opposed to 3d. Then a 3rd aspect tying all this up may be the presence of marbles or marble-like rocks in each (no. 2 Courtyard rocks, and eyeballs of nos. 7 and 8).

We can clearly define 2 separate ruins groupings in the southern Nascera river, one in the Bluebells sim and one in Corrigan. Each contain the 3 aspects mentioned above (Mythic River Goddess, Sunken Shrine, and possibly marble/eye related 3rd element). To complete, no ruins appear in the northern channel (2nd of 2 rivers or channels on the current form of the continent), except for an old washing machine and a tire or 2. Instead what we have there are the 3 clear versions of Vileness fish, named, east to west, Gran’pappy, The Big Un, and Ol’ Granny (not making that up!).

The fact that the 2nd mythic river goddess statue appears on the edge of 2 sims (Corrigan and Pixy) may mean she is somehow above or beyond the chess game implied in the 8×8 Nascera configuration. She is also aligned at an odd angle in comparison to the 1st in Bluebells: the 1st looks directly east (toward Fern, as indicated before), but the second looks n by ne. She looks in a direction that no chess piece can move, not even the queen (or king). The egg she holds is in a different sim (Corrigan) than the main part of her body. The egg (cyan) is a different color than the egg the 1st holds, the Bluebells version (which is instead lavender). The peculiar way the northern goddess looks may be reinforced by the eyeballs in the mossy boulders very nearby, one with 3 eyeballs and one of similar size (and slightly closer to the statue) with only 1. 4 eyes altogether, then, in these boulders. The Boulders are also roughly aligned in the direction the goddess in staring: n by ne. The 2 goddesses, together, have 4 eyes, all of which are colored differently than the body, and the same as the egg each is holding (cyan and lavender). The goddess in the 2 “Sunken Shrines” do not have colored eyes in this way, although they do have “eggs”, this time color animated. But why 3 eyes in one boulder and then 1 eye in the other?

And the fact that this goddess has already appeared in Nautilus City makes it seem all that more important to examine. Magellan Linden also made an appearance in Nautilus City, and also “wrecked” something there. Thought: is Magellan suppose to represent the *king* in this Nascera-chess overlap? I am also reminded that Hucka D. claims the eruption of Nautilus City into grid awareness in Oct. 2008 took away attention from The Hole of Nautilus just above Yd Island. Have to think about that more. The broken transporter behind the Elderglen Infohub actually consists of 8 separate, smaller portals, it seems, one “broken” by Magellan Linden, which may have rendered the remaining 7 inert. An apology note is even pinned to the broken portal to make sure the visitor understands this, to go along with the Magellan picture inside the Infohub itself seen here. The 8 portals and accompanying rocks (doubled, in turn, with the “Billfork” configuration in Villeneuve on Yd Island — relationship?) may represent the 8 possible directions a King can move on a chess board, as well as a Queen. Only these 2 pieces can move in this way — a rook is limited to 4 directions (horizontals, verticals), and a bishop is limited to the 4 other directions (diagonals). Why is the 2nd goddess, in-between 2 sims, looking in a direction impossible for a chess piece to move? Does she truly represent something “off the board”? Maybe additional clues are coming in further Nascera developments this year.

A comment on Dale Innis’ blog touches upon Magellan’s visit to Nascera, and the post itself perhaps curiously mentions checkerboard patterns in a different context than the way I’m using it here.

Almost all types of Nascera houses are pictured in above blog entry on Socially/Mundane.

Looks like Headburro and others such as Marianne McCann have already found out about Magellan’s presence on Nascera, hehe.


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