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The Bluebells/Corrigan Ruins of Nascera January 3, 2010

Filed under: Nascera Continent — baker Blinker @ 8:03 pm

Comments about this map are found in the last part of the above post. (see “Some additional thoughts” part)

1. Mythic River Goddess (cyan egg/eyes)
2. Courtyard?
3. Skeleton Wreck
4. Two Pillars
5. Sunken Shrine (animated egg)
6. Mythic River Goddess (lavender egg/eyes)*
7. Mossy Boulder w/ 1 eye
8. Mossy Boulder w/ 3 eyes
9. Sunken Shrine (animated egg)


* 1/2 in Pixy sim as well; central egg object, however, is most clearly in Corrigan
Additional note: direction Mythic River Goddess statues are staring indicated on map by light reflections.


8 Responses to “The Bluebells/Corrigan Ruins of Nascera”

  1. […] are both representations of the queen piece on a chess board. Lower of 2 (Bluebells; no. 1 on this map) looks directly to Fern sim, a sim which would represent the queen in this overlap (beside King, […]

  2. Oooo! TY for this Bakers, I am itching to go exploring again and I’ll head over here next chance I get 🙂

  3. June Trefoil Says:

    Thanks Baker! I still can’t find the washing machine in the northern river.

    On close inspection it looks like the goddess statues here and in Nautilus City depict people from the same Nurbsian culture. Very odd since the Nascera continent is surrounded by void. Artifact spores carried by Magellan perhaps?

  4. baker Says:

    Thanks for the comments!

    Washer (dryer?):

  5. Yeah, tis a washer… rusting.

  6. […] note: Mr. Lemmon apparently is staring directly toward the Bluebells/Corrigan ruins complex.   Leave a […]

  7. […] No. We must move again. I don’t want to. We could attempt direct communication with the owner. He is a [White Castle] after all. He gleans something of its mysteries. He is a draftsman. He would understand partially. He would be interested. He will see part of the thing that is presented in the two fields simultaneously. He will understand kind of and sort of The Buddha, which is US. He wears the ridges of a castle torret. He is a king split between two sides of a chessboard. He seeks the queen, the one in Bluebells. […]

  8. […] Bluebells & Back March 19, 2010 Filed under: Nascera Continent, Wiltshire (RL UK County) — baker Blinker @ 6:08 am In the middle of the Bluebells Forest properly known as West Woods in Wiltshire County, England, Baker Bloch indeed unlocked a portal connecting First Life back to Second Life. When he opened the crate with the skeleton within, left there by ever practical jokers Hucka Doobie and Baker Blinker (Hucka Doobie was the real mastermind), he was frightened all the way back to that more comfortable, much less texture heavy virtual reality. Merging with a beech within the forest itself — for he was indeed baker Beach, my true name — he then found himself in the middle of a larger, “expanded” skeleton: the skeleton of a ship in the very center of Bluebells sim, Second Life, a place visited a number of times by Baker Bloch this past winter. […]

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