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Chilbo, Jeogeot (Other), Yd Island, Nautilus Cy., Steelhead (Briefly) January 2, 2010

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A low res shot of Baker Bloch sitting on the edge of Eschwan Park just behind his small office in Chilbo. The large, black schwa is positioned almost edge-wise to Baker here, visible just beneath the central trees.

Then its on to biking around Jeogeot. Baker — or I suppose I should say, I set Baker down at a basically randomly chosen point on one of the continent’s several roads: somewhere in the north central part of the landmass not extensively explored by Blochs yet.

But soon the landing spot didn’t seem so random after all, as Baker quickly came across — in Yeot (see above!) — another cache of the same Kou Umaga crafted maps he had just seen in Varieto. Too odd (once more)! At first I thought that this might be a new location for what Kou calls The Explorer’s Information Center of Jeogeot itself, which I’d seen on his map of the continent over in Varieto, a map also present in this smaller shop (directly in front of Baker below). I say “new” here because the dot marking the information center on the map is actually in Sunklands, quite a distance away from Baker’s current location. But later on I find that the Explorer’s Information Center is still in Sunklands; admittedly I still haven’t cleared up the mystery as to why the maps appear in this particular location, not owned by Kou himself or affiliated with a group he belongs to, apparently.

Baker keeps biking around Jeogeot in the immediate area around the map shop. A weird cloud formation encountered just south of Yeot (explosion?) doesn’t help to settle his nerves down.

The same night, again if I remember correctly, Baker goes over to the Villeneuve forest and finds yet another smoke/particle formation, this time from a set of bullets of some sort.

The Measure — what *do* these glyphs mean, if anything?

Another mission Baker wanted to accomplish the same night, I believe, was to hop over to Nautilus Island just below Yd Island and examine both the oversized and regular sized chessboards he knew existed there from his visits in the Fall of 2008. He decides to set down a certain distance from the larger chessboard and bike into the location, taking in the scenery a bit. On his way, he finds this rounded hill in the interior of the island that he didn’t know existed before — he thought this residential interior was totally flat, although he knew hills, especially one quite high example, existed more on the island’s fringes (coastlines).

A couple sims further north and west and he finds the chessboard, just as he remembered it.

An examination reveals that the black queen was not “on her color”, indicated that she should actually be switched with the black king to create the correct initial placements.

And the same situation existed on the regular sized chessboard found on the large, circular plateau of the island (the walled Citadel), within its central temple.

Then fellow explorer Nish Mip, after reading my post (or, more correctly, looking at the post photos, since I’m only creating the accompanying text several days later), pointed out that she’d seen the exact same object in Steelhead 2 days prior. Asap, I went over, then, and took this picture.



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Very pleased with blog and SL progress in 2009. Finished the 4+ year project called the 10×10 in March (100 collages) and subsequently designed a 30x30x30 meter virtual gallery (newest version of the Edwardston Station Gallery) to house them. Wrote extensively about all collages of the final series of this work (Wheeler-Japser) on the blog in Jan-Mar. Created new carrcasses, 2 to be exact, after the lone one of the year before. However, the 2 (= 18) were each 1/2 as big as the 1 (= 36), equaling things out as it were. Disappointed that Hucka D. doesn’t want to talk about those on the blog now, but will get to that in a moment. Also pretty pleased with progress of real life photography, although it never seems I take enough of those type of pics. Pleased with my at least peripheral attachment to the SL Chilbo community, and my seeming rootedness on the Jeogeot continent they and I are located on now (Sunklands). Pleased with beginning of blog snapshot based exhibits generated for the Something To Chro About gallery in Healy after the completion of the 10×10 in that exhibit space. In second part of year, Chilbo (and Jeogeot as whole) essentially replaced Yapland (Healy and also Sansara-centric viewpoint of SL) as my window to the outside, virtual world, a larger group. Both 10×10, Edna’s photographs, and blog based exhibits are now housed in the Big E Gallery in Sunklands, certainly my summarizing SL gallery so far, and largest. In its center is the old Edwardston Station Gallery and the 100 collages of the 10×10. Fairly pleased with map research progress in tangent with SL exploration.

2010 emphases:

1) map research: I’m not sure if this can be accomplished through this blog — it has been in spots in the past — but it’s an old (pre-blog) focus that must be largely jumpstarted. This may take away time from generating other types of blog posts.*
2) Carrcasses: These seem to have been unaffected by the blog progress of 2008-9, except to take away from SL exploring at night. I see what I call a Carrcass-4 coming up, perhaps a larger work than even Carrcass-1. But all attempts at an approach have been basically twarted so far. Much of the energy of the blog, as it has “secretly” been in the past at times, must be devoted, however, to generating the energy bed for Carrcass-4 and other carrcasses that will eventually follow. May return to this subject.**
3) rl photography (toy avatar tie in): I live in a beautiful, special part of the world. I want to take more photographs of it, but my skills and camera (which I *don’t* want to trade up for now) are limiting me. I probably throw away close to 95 per cent of all rl photos I take, a much higher percentage of throwaways than SL photographs, which are much more controllable. But I want to focus on taking more rl photos in 2010, and also developing further the attached toy avatar mythology, perhaps. A possibility is staying on Yd Island to create this focus, and move away from Sunklands. That’s a big debate looming fairly soon — perhaps not in Jan. but possibly in Feb.
*But* I should add that I created absolutely *no* rl photos before the blog — SL photography pulled me into RL photography. So the blog has been super helpful in this.
4) writing: Blog text generation is very pleasing and satisfying. I gave up the idea of writing an actual novel many years ago, although later in life I see 1 or 2 springing up nonetheless, and perhaps quite quickly. The summary of my pure writing is probably both the writing 10×10, which predates the art 10×10 (summary, in turn, of my art generation), and the Paradox documents of 2003-2005. Paradox II may be the closest I’ll come to writing anything like a regular book in the coming years. Need to polish that up as well — decide how to disseminate. Self publication seems to be the best route; same for the 10×10. How to classify these? They are hypertext works (as is the blog itself, probably in a larger way).
But the blog is probably the summary of my writing experience so far as well. Very pleased with the development of the Hucka D. character, which, I feel, allows me to gain access to information in a much quicker manner than just “on my own”. Discovered this type of exteriorize internal dialog in Floydadada of 2007, when I talked to S.F. through it.
5) Diary notebooks: These have been replaced by the day-by-day progress of the blog, it seems, although I always have a notebook for writing entries (written out in pen — usually notes for the blog, or carrcasses or other such things — map research sometimes. The ring binder style of these notebooks petered out in the early 2000s.

Long term goals:

writing: self publication of writing 10×10 (as a whole… refuse to break it down into parts, I think), the Paradox documents (Paradox interview, Floydada, Paradox II), a SID’s 1st Oz related interview (Booker T.) and, well, this blog, which may be publishable in some future form. I plan to preserve it — let’s put it that way. All writing before the writing 10×10 doesn’t really count, I don’t feel, although several stories may be saved (Merging Tracks, and, esp., The High Octave Story). I know I want to keep writing in this blog, and am happy with my writing progress through it. I have limitations in this area (most people do, though), and I feel a hypertext situation suits my lack of ability to focus on one thing for too long. Again, the blog may be the best material I’ve written, and most “valuable” so far. All future writing, certainly, will build upon it. I don’t want to end the blog now for certain, just define how to keep progressing with it.

art: art 10×10 is focus. All material before that just supports this work. It’s found only in its entirety in a virtual setting (Edwardston Station Gallery). Probably need to get it out in the RL somewhere as well. Have some plans for a CHRO based art (CHRO = system), but we’ll see. CHRO system can also be used in generating new music.
Animation (connected subject): Still have in mind to extend the 10×10 through animation in the future, perhaps moving to England for a spell to accomplish this. This subject may start to penetrate into the blog as well. Focus will be on the Lake District of England, a kind of counterpart to the area I actually live in now; similar environment.

music: My music has essentially been absorbed into other fields, probably the carrcasses most of all. Want to still publish at least one keyboard album (Keyboard Album I), and then 1 or 2 suites from Keyboard Album II. I see music now as mainly supporting synchronicity studies, mainly carrcasses but also map research. The art 10×10 may eventually be seen as just supporting the carrcasses as well. *But* I have plans to renew keyboard playing sometime, probably going further into the CHRO system as a support for this. CHRO system lends itself to computer generated music perhaps as well.

This is an interesting subject. Blog entries certainly have helped but more needs to be done. The Temple of TILE in SL is certainly an interesting, new development in this subject. I am probably a Tilest above all. This ties into RL photography and exploring in a direct way as well. TILE is directly linked, now, to carrcasses and also map research, along with writing (currently: the blog).

SL: I presently “live” in Sunklands on the Jeogeot continent, and am peripherally attached to the well established mainland community of Chilbo not far to the east. The Big E gallery is the summary of my gallery experience in SL. Take photos almost nightly of my explorations for the blog, and then create accompanying text. Possibilities: certainly should look in to transferring these pics to flickr or equivalent, or at least backing the blog up in other ways. Flickr preservation is not yet a focus. I see SL photos as me in the moment, and not as art pieces (self contained) themselves. The 10×10 collages are more self contained, especially in certain series (thinking here of the Rose Hill series), but also lend themselves to a larger story. This is much like blog entries or even blog series — they are best seen as part of a larger overarching work.

Keywords that may pop up or pop up more in coming year (or not):

Noozob. Mythos. Sunklands (it will continue at least), Nascera (continent will expand), Yd Island (I will continue to be attached; HOLE), Toy avatars, Frank/Herman Parks, TILE, Carrcass-1 or Carrcass, Heartland USA Tour.

Let’s bring in Hucka D. “Hucka D.?”

Hucka D.:

Maps will be a focus for a time. Move to Yd Island and save money, then, for research on Carrcass-4. I will talk to you some about it now. COLORS. TILE.


Carrcass-4 is going to be larger than two previous Carrcasses, isn’t it?

Hucka D.:

More defining, yes. The Rainbow Sphere will come into play. It will be at the center, along with Dark Side of the Rainbow. You have or are now coming full circle. You must look over all old notes. Yes, we must create the energy bed, as you say. It is a moving target, like a moving island. You must look away to see it. Sapphire is helping. “Sapphire?”


Yes. Yup.

Hucka D.:

baker b. needs to speak with you now.


Hi baker b. I am Sapphire. I am Yd Island. I am Greenup Yd. I am VILE. I am LOVE. I am.


I know you can’t tell me if I should give up Sunklands.


No one will visit. Why keep it? You’ve done it, now knock it down. Move to Yd Island permanently. Be near The Hole. Be continually aware of the connection with the new Nascera continent through my parents or aunt and uncle — whichever. Meddledown equals Meddletown. You are west and he or she is east. My parents (or aunt and uncle).


Is Vileness Fish the same as Greenup Yd?


Explore The Hole more and get back with us. Goodnight!


* Examples are here.
**Write out Defining List for SID’s 1st Oz as well.