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Meddledown > Atladia (& New Bunny Head!) January 1, 2010

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Baker Bloch finds Kou Umaga’s spiffy place in Meddledown, just below the Tickles and Bites Gallery.

Some of what he found there in terms of airships and underlying mechanics mystified the easily mystified Baker Bloch.

Tickles and Bites Gallery. Some really nice art in here, Blochs thinks to himself. He’s a bit jealous, admittedly.

Then in studying Kou’s SL profile, Baker decides to teleport to a void sim he owns called Varieto.

Maps! Baker’s a kid in a candy shop amongst such things. 🙂 Can’t remember if I’ve explained it on this blog or not, but Kou has created one of the largest and most updated SL map collections; just google any mainland continent name and his stuff will immediately pop up. And that’s how I discovered him: through a google search on “Jeogeot”. My blog material came up since I mention the continent’s name a lot in it, I suppose, and then his material shows up early and often too. And it was only after I linked one of his map tours of SL to my “About Page” that I realized this person lived in Meddledown, the very sim I assigned the Cornfields to live in almost at the same time (!) Knew something odd was going on again.

Interesting underwater terraforming in Varieto.

*Then* I found — creepers! — a giant Rabbit Head, and from a man who lives, or, more correctly has a second home on the same island (what I call Yd Island) as the Rabbit Head found just last month in Villeneuve by Baker. Not that weird that an avatar with a rabbit form has a giant rabbit head. It’s more a combination of a number of things. Doesn’t stop there, though.

More scenes from Varieto.

Another map: Varieto is part of an archipelago of what looks to be mainly Japanese inhabited islands called Atladia.


8 Responses to “Meddledown > Atladia (& New Bunny Head!)”

  1. […] I call Yd Island (pronounced: Wide Island). Interesting new development on that front for sure! I’ll talk soon about that. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)   Leave a […]

  2. Nish Mip Says:

    I found The exact same bunny head in Steelhead two days ago

  3. Thanks for the tip NM! I added a picture of it to the most recent blog post. Yup, looks the same.

  4. kou Umaga Says:

    Bunny Head is a present from the SL’s daughter to me.

    Bunny Head is selling it here.

    Thank you for the introduction in the blog.
    Welcome to Varieto. (`・ω・´)

  5. Nice to talk to you kou Umaga! It’s an honor,

    I plan to check out your blog in more detail very soon, especially your journeys on the Jeogeot continent. And what wonderful SL maps you’ve made!

    Write back any time.


  6. kou Umaga Says:

    I make map’s & I happy to find Japanese SL explorers.

    Japanese SL explorers

    Vehicle of bear’s shape
    It is one vehicle and five functions are provided.

    Genuine SL explorers that doesn’t stick to continent.
    She knows a lot of beautiful individual SIM.

    new face.The future is happy.

    and Ujiyasu
    She is excellent in the language study.
    But i don’t like drunk IM.
    It is feeling with the daughter in the rebellious stage.
    I am not making it to the problem. 🙂

    I happy to find Kimiko.

    In Atladia, there is yumix.
    She is SIM owner of the hearing impairment.
    Then, many of beginners in Japan learn.
    Kimiko was invited to Atladia.
    kimiko met a good teacher.

    it is myuki.
    myuki is good mother.
    myuki is a splendid creator.It is a Scripter of the battleship Yamato & many train.

    i am myuki’s & many friend’s test rider & pilot.

    From the insistence to foreign countries.
    Growth is waited for.

    I will sleep with a long bed. hehehe.(=゚ω゚=)w

  7. Thanks for all this information! I’ll add some of the links to my own blog roll as soon as possible.


  8. And I had a longer reply to one of your other comments, Mr. Umaga, but something must have happened to it. Disappeared into internet aether. 😦

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