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Nascera Continent, Final? 08 December 29, 2009

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Baker then moves to the northern water channel of the Nascera continent to complete his investigation of its underwater mysteries. No ruins found this time except for an old washer and 2 rimless tires in Teebard. Instead the story here is 3 huge “dread catfish” each domineering, as it were, one of the 3 current northern channel sims. As well as seeming markedly bigger than their southern channel counterparts (each is about 7-8 meters long), all 3 also have designated Linden names this time around, or, east to west, Gran’pappy (Sicstric sim), The Big Un (Leefmend), and Ol’ Granny (Teebard).

Ol’ Granny hovering above the washer and tires.

Then we have this littler, much friendlier catfish, so friendly he wears a permanent smile on his face. His species name, according to the description, is appropriately “Smiley”. And if you try to ride it, you don’t get chewed on instead! No individual name, though, unlike the huge, dread catfish of this channel. There may be several smileys in the northern channel — haven’t made a full search yet. Not sure about the southern channel either without checking.

A small wedge of land across the channel with a campfire, located in the very northeast corner of Nascera and continuing the A-frame themed region vegetation from the south.

A view toward Gran’pappy from the campfire using a 128 draw distance.

Gran’pappy (right) and The Big Un (left) in one shot.

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3 Responses to “Nascera Continent, Final? 08”

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  3. […] a name!) with a single fish. But a big fish: a copy of Ol’ Granny I found in what was then the northern channel of the fledgling, 64 sim version of Nascera. Now, just a reminder: do *not* attempt to ride or in any way touch this fish. You will be […]

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